Twitter is used for the possibility of accessing content that interests you and interacting in real-time with millions of users, and Twitter serves to give visibility to your business. Through this network, you can advertise and get good customers.

Twitter is a free microblogging social network used to send short messages (280 characters maximum). Currently, Twitter has more than 325 million active users per month. Although it has suffered stagnation in the last two years, it is a platform that is still widely used by personalities and brands to spread messages and content of interest such as videos, photos, infographics, news, events, etc.

The most significant advantage of Twitter is that anyone with an Internet connection or a mobile phone can access the platform and post messages quickly and easily.

In addition, it is a network that is very intuitive. The principle of communication on Twitter is based on following other users to have all the content they publish on your timeline

Basic Concepts You Should Know

Image of a smartphone and a notebook with the Twitter platform open.

1. Tweet

A Tweet is a term used to define a message posted on Twitter. It can contain photos, videos, links or text. To publish a tweet, the user only has to click on the “Tweet” button and write or attach the content.

2. Retweet

A retweet is sending the tweet of another person and user to your followers.

3. Timeline

The timeline is the space that Twitter dedicates to published content. The idea is that in each user’s timeline, the most relevant messages of the last hours appear at the top of the cover or timeline.

4. Follower

A follower or follower is the term used to define the user who has subscribed to the profile of other users on Twitter.

Followers receive tweets from other users displayed directly on their timeline and can retweet, favourite, reply to the tweet or embed it.

5. Following

It is the term used for the people you follow. You can track as many users as you want and access their content in real-time on Twitter. However, for users who have their account set to private, they will need to authorize you to access their content.

6. List

A list is a group of select Twitter accounts use to create a unique timeline of the tweets of the reports include in it. You can create your lists or follow the lists of other users.

7. Instant Message

Direct messages are private messages that you can send directly to a Twitter user without anyone else seeing them. You can only send an IM to those who follow you, and you can only receive an IM from a user you follow.

Twitter Features

twitter features

Image of a cell phone with the Twitter application open and a hashtag next to it. It gives us a better idea of ​​what Twitter is.

Let’s look at some relevant Twitter features that can help you better understand how this entertaining platform works:

  • The principle of communication between Twitter users is based on following other users. If you find an account that interests you, you can follow it and retweet its content. The follow person does not necessarily have to follow you, but if their account is set to private, they will have to accept your request to access their content.
  • The number of followers of a person or account can be classified ratio to measure the popularity or reliability of an account. The more followers an account has, the more trustworthy the source of tweeted information is consider.
  • Twitter users can also send private messages that the recipients can only read and not by their followers.
  • Accounts can be manage as protect or private, not open to the public. Only followers can see contributions from a protected reserve.
  • To increase communication between users, Twitter allows dialogue between users. You can use the @ sign to tweet directly to an account.

So Let’s Look At Some Other Ways Twitter Can Be Beneficial:

Sell ​​Your Products Or Services

However, your timeline is the perfect showcase to show all your products in a very subtle and educational way. With a tweet, you can inform potential customers of everything you offer and also valuable content that helps them resolve their doubts and concerns.

Create A Good Brand Image

Constantly sharing content and also interacting with your audience through Twitter will contribute to your personal or corporate brand.

Good Attention To Your Public

Twitter also complement your customer service and answer queries or possible doubts from buyers or interested parties. If you provide good service, users will surely recommend you and share it in their private accounts, which will increase the client portfolio.


With Twitter, you can virtually meet businesses or entrepreneurs in your sector and also help you achieve alliances or collaborations where both parties benefit.

Networking is an excellent way to make your business known and also get your products to reach influential companies or users who, having thousands of users in their accounts, will make you reach the top.


Are you good at creating content for social networks, but do you feel that you fail with the dissemination of it? Twitter also can be an excellent way to publicize your content and increase web traffic.