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Things (IoT) …), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and promotion of many small businesses and industries. Technology – Write For Us: blog for all contributors and guest contributors. We take the latest technology news and trends, laws and business ideas, gadget reviews and “gadget ideas, write to us”, internet and marketing tips as your opportunity to write your well researched articles on “our Write for “.

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Topics Write To Us: Technology, Business, Marketing, and Gadgets

Technologies Write To Us

Technology - Write For Us

artificial intelligence

Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Augmented reality and virtual reality

cloud computing

coin and answer


Data science

Android application development

Internet of Things (IoT)

smart apps

large amount of data

RPA (robotic process automation)


company write to us

business administration

business strategy

digital agencies

strategic management

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

social entrepreneurship


Entrepreneur, Young entrepreneur

Technology - Write For Ussmall business marketing

Startups, Ideas for startups, Advice and strategies for startups, Business models for startups

Business ideas

technology start-up

Marketing | write digital marketing articles for us

Affiliate Marketing, B2B Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing

Advertising, Online advertising, Mobile advertising, Display advertising

Web Marketing, Online Video Marketing, Web Analytics

Content strategy, product branding, press releases

Link building, local search, pay per click

Internal SEO, SEO tools,

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Telecom writes to us

Telecommunications network

5G, 4G, 3G


The Web

cloud communication


broadband access


gadgets write to us


technological gadgets

spy gadgets

Gadgets for games

Reviews and ratings

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Article Requirements to Write To Us for Tech Dirt Blog

  • The minimum length of the article must be greater than 700 words and cannot exceed the maximum length. Prioritize 1000+ words for better ranking.
  • Unique HD quality image attached to the subject. The size should be 720 X 480 pixels, which should be published with your article. Images must be in JPEG format.
  • There must be no duplicate content and the content must be original and not previously published.
  • There is no need to add internal links in the article, we will.
  • You can add an external link related to the topic.

Follow Below Guidelines for Guest Posting Contributor

We have provided the guidelines on which basis you should start writing a guest post for our website. Let’s discuss the approaches below:

  • The article has to be precise and fresh; the object has to be informative and appealing properly, including a heading and subheading.
  • The duration of the thing has to be 900 words, and you could additionally ship infographics pictures to make your publication catchy.
  • After posting your article on our website. You can not publish it on some other weblog web page or your website. If we locate a similar piece on different websites, we can remove it without delay and take it away.
  • Please ship a photograph with the object which represents your article.
  • We permit one hyperlink withinside the centre of the object’s body.
  • We will take 24 hours to examine your report to see if it fits all of the fol
  • lowing tips. Then we publish it on our website.

Send the object with the aid of using mail in phrase document at

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