Social networks for the brand are an excellent idea to promote your brand. Typically, we enter these platforms to find out what our contacts are doing, watch videos, listen to music, send messages, inform ourselves and share content. The most successful Social Networks  today are these:

Most Used Social Networks In Online Marketing

Social Networks For Brands


It is a very personal, family and close circles social network. We also use it to keep up to date with the lives of our contacts and share with others the most relevant. It has 2.2 billion users!

In April 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram and two years later, in 2014, it bought the WhatsApp mobile messaging service.

Facebook Continues To Enjoy A Lot Of Popularity.

This platform is helpful for dealings that have off customers. The objective of this social network is to get the participation of the public that already knows you to build loyalty. If you captivate your followers and get them active on your page, their closest environment will find out. It is what is called Reference Marketing.

In other words, the task of any brand on Facebook is for people to “like”, leave commentaries and share their posts. It is useless for a Fan Page to have thousands of followers if there is no movement afterwards and users do not interact.

For example, on the Aula CM page, we have 2 or 3 types of publications that work best for us, and we often use them in different ways. The key is to analyze what your fans like and what content they use and use frequently.


It is the number 1 video platform internationally. It has 1 billion active users per month. We use YouTube to watch and publish videos of all kinds, especially musical ones. Google is the most used search engine in the world, and it is going to be more and more present in our daily lives. In a short time, it will sneak into the living room of our house thanks to televisions with Internet access, so that it will become one more option of the remote control.

In case it can help you, in the Aula CM channel, we have:

tutorials and screencasts on online marketing that serve as a complement to what we teach in class,

video tips,

Testimonials From Interns

or referent classes, like the one Vilma Núñez gave us, were precisely on Youtube.

The videos that we publish on MarketinTV are more extensive interviews that the presenter Alicia Senovilla does with excellent references in online marketing. We offer a lot of content and valuable information on specific fields such as SEO, Social Media, Personal Branding or Content Marketing.


This network of photos and videos is growing at a spectacular rate. We use it to share images of our daily lives, and, in this sense, it also has a more personal use, just like Facebook. Both belong to Mark Zuckerberg. It has 900 million active users. And beware, because it is the most popular network among teenagers.

Microblogging stage with a more expert profile, chosen by people to get information and interact with strangers with whom they have some common interest. It is faster and more direct than the others. Topics that become a trend on Twitter have a lot of impacts. Currently, 500 million users use it in the world.

Most used Social Networks in Online marketing for a few years now, it has stood out as one of the most robust and used networks, therefore, a good chance for any company. Increase their spectators, share valuable content (their own and others), dialogue with users interested in their topic and create debate. If Facebook is the network of the closest circles, Twitter is one of the most comprehensive and most unknown circles. The option to reach many people still has a name: Twitter.

Another fundamental task that we carry out is to retweet, comment and “favourite” the good posts of other users. Everything that may be useful and relevant to our followers deserves to be shared?


This mobile instant messaging application has transformed how we communicate and has made phone calls practically disappear. It also allows you to send text messages, links, emoticons, photos, videos and audio to other users or groups. It has 800 million active users,

The Most Used Social Network In Online Marketing

Brands are leveraging this channel as a loyalty tool to communicate with customers more directly and also personally. It allows you to send photos of products, news, offers, images, videos, and links to web pages. It is also an excellent platform for making contests. Of course, companies must use WhatsApp with care and moderation so that users do not perceive their messages as spammers.

 Most Used Social Networks In Online Marketing

Linkedin allows the creation of company pages, so all businesses and brands (regardless of their size and sector) should be present on this social network to:

  • Enhance the Personal Brands of your employees.
  • Have presence and visibility in your field.
  • Make your products or services known (there is a specific tab to show them).
  • Find contacts to make collaborations or business.
  • Find new candidates for your template.
  • Participate in professional groups of your interest.
  • Share the content of the excellent and exciting value of your speciality.
  • Receive recommendations from your customers.
  • It is essential to be very active on Linkedin constantly, as we do at Aula CM


It is the only instant messaging that keeps WhatsApp up to date. It is even more successful in some countries, perhaps because it operates from Dubai. Available for more than ten operating systems and has been Spanish since 2014. It is an excellent alternative to VOIP messaging. /simple testimonial

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