Lotteries are not something new in India. The Indian government itself has many lotteries being operated in their states. “Kerala lottery” is one of those. Kerala state was the first one to launch its own state lottery in India in 1967. They have been holding these contests ever since for more than 50 years. However, unlike in old times when people used to travel to participate in the lottery. Nowadays, you can find an app for practically anything you can think of, thanks to technology. So you can play the lottery, participate, and even monitor the results easily online.

However, if you enjoy playing lotteries and even todays Win Win Kerala lottery results are not in favor of you, then you need to work on your guessing skills. Guessing the winning number is not anybody’s cup of tea. In this article below, we have listed a few tried and tested tips that you can use to increase your chances of winning the Kerala Lottery. Considering them may help you guess the winning number right. However, remember that it’s not always strategy; it’s also luck. So let us see what it is all about.

Tip 1: Keep an eye on the past winning numbers.

Always remember the previous winning numbers, at least the numbers of the last three months in a row. It would be beneficial if you wrote them down on paper, so you don’t forget. With those numbers in mind, look out if any number among the bunch matches your birth date. It can either be your birthday or your loved ones. If not that, then opt for your lucky number if you have any.

Still don’t get it? It is okay if you are new to the concept of lotteries, do not stress because it’s always the first time for everything. You’ll learn within time. For now, you can look up the methods we are suggesting as they have proven to be effective in many lottery games. Of course, there is a chance that you might fail at times because there is no guarantee of what is going to happen next. However, numerous of our guests are already benefiting from our game assistance.

Tip 2: The formula.

You should be aware that using the above strategy does not ensure success, and there is no such strategy to make your way to the lottery; luck is still a factor in everything.

However, do not lose hope and keep trying. You can also come up with a plan for winning the Kerala Lottery that excludes numbers that were rarely chosen in the past. Additionally, you might try to concentrate on commonly chosen numbers and make sure they are unpredictable.

Besides this, If you feel like the important dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc., are not working for you, then try going for the number above 31. Since there is no month in the calendar above, it is possible that you would have left out many chances. We know that not all of the numbers above 31 are present in the ideal combination. If you must choose five numbers, make sure that, if not all, at least any one is over 31 and that they all have three high digits. Based on the lottery you are playing, you might choose more than two high numbers if you wish to increase your chances of winning.

Keep a note of your new combinations after completing this process six times. You never know that the next one might be in favor of you.

Tip 3: Picking numbers that are personal to you is your best bet.

You might be intimately associated with your winning number so keep trying with it but with a little variation, for instance, multiplying your birthday or a set of your favorite digits. Many fortunate individuals have done it using their birthday. That is why we are emphasizing that. Please let the odds be on your side if you try it. Worldwide, lottery predictions are extremely common. Some people even employ sophisticated algorithms only to produce potential winning numbers. But it’s best to keep things straightforward and let destiny be your guide.

Tip 4: buy more tickets:

Forming a group is always preferable, so purchase extra tickets. More lottery numbers and tickets increase your chances of winning. This will also make the game more interesting for you. Even if it means you have to miss one or two rounds, you should try to purchase more tickets. One round with higher chances is preferable to many rounds with poor odds. Remember, when playing the lottery alone, so one must be shrewd in their strategy.