Making an app from scratch can be irresistible if you don’t know how to do it. Indeed you have ever had an excellent idea for an app, but the questions begin when it comes to carrying it out.

That is what we are going to talk about in this article. Below, you will find nine steps so you can create an app from scratch.

To start, some of the issues you should consider are the following:

  • Which operating system fits better with my app: iOS or android app development?
  • How can I make tangible the process that will culminate in completing the application project?
  • What elements do I need for the application project? (here, we will have to include design, UI / UX, a home page, mockups…)
  • Will I promote my app to get more downloads?
  • What tools will I use to speed up the app development process?

You have reached this article. You are likely considering creating an application of some kind. Whether to improve your company’s productivity, undertake in the mobile sector or any other purpose. But the truth is that it is not such a simple process.

Starting a digital project, like creating an Android app, requires patience. First of all, prepare a notebook and pen and start taking notes. Soak yourself well before the subject, before you start looking for an Android programmer

How Is Making An App For Android Different From Other Platforms?

When developing an app, there are many slight differences. But the main one is the operating system itself and the programming language. Each native development will use a code and language.

We will have to choose different developers to create an Android app and another for iOS. Our budget, business model, and promotion strategy will be different.

Legal Requirements To Make An App

making an app

Permits, Licenses And Conditions Of Use

You have to be clear and explicit when requesting permissions from the user to access contacts on their device, make payments or transfer data. In addition, it is mandatory to develop licenses and conditions of use. In all cases, it is not enough to inform the user. They have to accept

Privacy and Geolocation

The collection of user information must be essential for the app’s operation, and the user must be able to configure privacy.


In the case of applications aimed at children under 14 years of age, the corresponding laws and the imposed obligations must be consulted. The reason is that there is a special regulations regarding consumers and users, data protection, image rights, etc.

Own And Third-Party Rights

It is mandatory to have licenses for the resources to be used. You have to read the conditions carefully since there are cases in which the resources exclude commercial use, not being able to run in applications.

Essential Design Requirements to Create n APP

In this list, I have compiled the ten most essential requirements when we are faced with the design of an application

Difference Between App and Website

Even though a website tests things, always keep in mind that they are not the same. Each one is oriented to different devices and will entail changes, which, although they may not be enormous, on some occasions are fundamental. Treat it differently and continuously think about the end-user.

Do Not Change Your Image

Use similar colours and shapes if the app is for your company or project. You do not want to change the corporate image of the application.

Keep an eye on the latest trends

Design, like fashion, changes continuously, and every day there is one thing that people like. Having an application up to date in terms of content is not very difficult, but in terms of design, things change. One common mistake is taking a long time to change a strategy, and when changing it, do it radically. It will source many users to uninstall the app.

Take Care of Typography

Easily legible and with good resolution. Background contrast and line spacing are critical factors in making it easy to read. We use devices with very different lighting, outdoors and in sunlight, making it difficult to read.

Follows the Standards of the Central Operating Systems

As an additional requirement, I would highlight that, before starting with the design of our app, we consult the latest guidelines from Google, Apple or Windows. Always depending on the platform for which we are going to work.


Applications have become a very profitable business that has made them the flagship product for many entrepreneurs, developers and investors. Now, in addition to the technical requirements, when creating an application, you also have to consider a series of regulations that have to be met. When creating an app from scratch, it is good that we try to start in the most basic way possible, creating the minimum viable product, which is nothing more than the first version.