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Now all the Www Nirankari org live followers will read the live streaming of satsangs beneath the Sant Www Nirankari org live mission. Those followers World Health Organization will visit the Satsang place and can currently relish the net streaming. This nice freed from service is hospitable to all. If you want the Www Nirankari org live webcast to no-win these days, kindly scan the full article.

As you recognize, Www Nirankari org lives mean that “Saint” World Health Organization lives a short life. In contrast to different saints, Www Nirankari org live doesn’t dress up during a specific approach. They believe one must be a saint from “inside,” not “outside.” the easy Www Nirankari org live ideology has attracted loads of followers. Satsangs and amalgams are conducted to show the devotee’s new precious life lessons. All followers strictly believe the following three things:

“Tu Hi Nirankar” (Only you’re the Formless Almighty God)

“Main Teri Sharan Haan” (I utterly surrender unto YOU)

Leaving all to the hands of the deity, Www Nirankari org lives leads a concise life. They struggle to serve humanity with “Seva,” helping others while not expecting something.

If you’re an acquaintance or interested to learn about Www Nirankari org live culture, hearing their Satsangs, or reading Samagams, you’ll be able to try this online. This text explains the method of attending Www Nirankari org live Mata FTO satsangs online.

Sant Www nirankari org live Org Live

If you’re unaccustomed this, you want to visit the www Nirankari org live.org portal to grasp the ideology & mission of the cluster. Ideas like sensible spirituality ar explained on the web site, in brief, to allow you to have the essential plan. All devotees’ resources are online at the www Nirankari org live.org portal.

You can keep tuned with the newest activities, community service, and events. Www Nirankari org live music, podcasts, and publications may be accessed on Sant Www Nirankari org’s live website.

The latest happenings may be accessed as photos and videos within the gallery, wherever you get a glimpse of varied activities and initiatives.

Contributing to Sant Www nirankari org live Mission

If you’re willing to contribute to the Sant Www nirankari org live Mission, you’ll be able to do this simply from your home. Online donations are currently being accepted. Any Indian and another country resident will contribute. Here are the steps of online donation:

Visit the official Www nirankari org live website, www nirankari org live.org

Scroll down to the tip of the page and click on “How am I able to contribute.”

This parades another page, wherever the net donation choices are displayed

It is attainable to pay in Indian rupees, US dollars, British pounds, and Canadian greenbacks

Those who are fascinated by change of integrity the social activities should fill out the online kind once you may be contacted and details are shared with you.

https //www.www nirankari org live.org live

A Www Nirankari org could be a ‘Sant,’ attempting to steer a straightforward angelical life concerning times, places, and all relationships. Here, angelical doesn’t mean dressing up during a specific approach, but rather embellishing our deeds with truth, love, tolerance, compassion, and charitable service. A Www Nirankari org lives guided towards selfless examination by the mission’s 1st school of thought of Sewa, which doesn’t mean serving or doing a favor; instead, doling out our responsibility being a person to help others while not seeking something in return; it’s so a blessing of god to own given the USA the intent, strength, and intelligence to be able to serve others.

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The mission and its devotees are reaching dead set the society through various such efforts and initiatives like blood donation camps, mass marriages, value-based centers of education, relief and rehabilitation of our brothers and sisters throughout natural calamities, tree plantation, cleanliness and social awareness drives etc. Even throughout this Covid-19 crisis, the Mission contributed in various ways, elaborated within the Community Service section of the website. We thus, convey the one World Health Organization offers the USA a chance to serve.

We are ‘Www Nirankari org live,’ which suggests we’ve been endowed with the religious truth and awareness of the eternal, formless, all-pervading enormous God by the grace of our Satguru. With this one God, World Health Organization is also self-addressed as Supreme Being, Ishwar, Vitthal, or Nirankar; our relationship is that of conscious remembrance.

Our connection with Nirankar is easy and swish. All one needs to do is declaim the three lines of Simran and remember the Gyan (God-Realization) given by the Satguru. This one Nirankar becomes the supply of our strength in times of weakness, our foundation of peace in times of turmoil, our fragrance of affection in times of hate, and our key to moderation in a period of ego and attachment. Here are the three witching lines that lead a soul to the sphere of nothingness:

  • “Tu Hi Nirankar” (Only you’re the Formless Almighty God)
  • “Main Teri Sharan Haan” (I utterly surrender unto YOU)
  • “Maine Baksh Lo” (Forgive all my sins)
  • Watch Live Sant Www nirankari org live Mission
  • Sant Www nirankari org live Mission Events App
  • The SNM Events app offers you everything you wish to attach with the content and experiences most relevant to you at 69th Annual Www nirankari org live Sant Samagam.
  • It is an excellent app to keep you enlightened via notifications of updates and helpful info for the 69th Annual Www nirankari org live Sant Samagam and any future international amalgams.

www nirankari org live.org


The gathering of Mission’s devotees in big numbers sporadically to celebrate the essence of enlightenment, conjointly aspiring to share it with different brothers and sisters across the globe, is what we all know as Samagam. Www nirankari org live Samagams became synonymous with selfless service, discipline, intimacy, religious and moral discourse, everything conducive to manifesting a happy pageant of brotherhood within the most representative approach. In no uncertain provisos, these Samagams are microcosms of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,’ which accurately means that ‘The whole world is our family.

The presence of Satguru at the Samagams makes it a divine celebration of kinds, whereby devotees ar full of religious rapture on receiving the ‘Darshan’ (audience) of their master. it’s a beautiful platform wherever devotees not solely reinforce their understanding and religion on ‘Gyan’ (God-Knowledge), however conjointly take time to self-introspect and analyse their own journey on the trail of morality. The family-like feeling is thus vividly evident at these Samagams that even the one-time guests are left beaming with each surprise and joy once witnessing the spirit of identicalness that grips these hubs of religious cloud nine.

Sant Www nirankari org live Mission

Sant Www nirankari org live Mission: Www nirankari org live Samagam 2020 goes virtual for the primary time; the Sant Www nirankari org live Mission was established in 1929 by Buta Singh. The sect follows the satguru tradition that professes the realization of god through the teacher.

Www nirankari org live Sant amalgam 2020Pic courtesy: https://www.www nirankari org live.org/

New Delhi: Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the 73rd annual Www nirankari org live Sant Samagam 2020 will be streamed online. The gatherings began on the fifth and can continue on the sixth and seventh of December 2020. the whole program is being webcast on the website of the Sant Www nirankari org live Mission. or else, you’ll be able to click here: https://www.www nirankari org live.org/home/live/

Starting in 1948, the annual Www nirankari org live Sant Samagam has returned to a protracted approach. “From a tiny low gathering of just many hundred in the past, this pageant of affection and identicalness these days witnesses an awesome participation by around 1,000,000 devotees from across the globe,” scan the Mission’s website.


Previously, the annual amalgams were controlled in Www Nirankari org live Colony, Idgah, Ram Lila Grounds, the backside of Lal Qila, and Burari. However, this time, the annual gathering is being controlled near the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s currently being held at Mission’s land at Samalkha in Haryana.

In the Gregorian calendar month of 2018, Sister Sudiksha was declared the religious head of the Sant Www Nirankari org live Mission. The youngest girl, recently cake Hardev Singh, was anointed because the Www Nirankari org live Satguru during a ceremony at Burari on Gregorian calendar month seventeen, 2018. Mata Savinder had become the pinnacle of the Mission once the ending of Www Nirankari org lives Satguru cake Hardev within the road accident. The accident occurred in might 2016 once he was a movement to attend a religious gathering in Canada

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