If your business model is B2B, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the perfect tool for you. With this premium version, you can simplify finding, contacting, and updating leads, customers, and testimonials.

Sales Navigator offers a combination of search services and custom algorithms to reach the right users. Thanks to this platform, your sales teams can interact with contacts efficiently and organize. Marketing and Sales

In this note, discover how LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help your business find prospects and effectively manage your communication channels.

The Ultimate Solution for Marketing and Sales

Linkedin Sales Navigator is a paid Linkedin tool that allows you to find leads faster. However, improve sales statistics and optimize campaigns on this social network.

The advanced search function allows you to find people and companies that match your business goal. Through various tactics, you can improve conversions and build better business relationships.

One of Sales Navigator’s differentiators is the level of segmentation it offers. Thanks to its filters, you can save lists of potential customers and receive notifications when there are matches.

Here are some of the standout landscapes that Sales Navigator offers:

  • Lead Builder: Thanks to its advanced search criteria, you can use a variety of filters to reach the right people and companies. Some of its filters are keywords, location, zip code, full name, position, function, the company you work for, groups, tags, etc.
  • Personalized recommendation: Linkedin will recommend new contacts to you based on the searches you have performed. If you integrate your CRM, you can get information about accounts that have made purchases from your business.
  • InMails: All accounts have a certain number of emails per month that you can send to your list of customers and interested users.

Linkedin Sales Navigator: Types of Plans

There are three different types of Linkedin Sales Navigator recruiting plans. Check out the features of each below to find out which one best suits your business needs.

Team Marketing and Sales

This is the standard version designed specifically for sales teams who already have a CRM and want to use the information to increase sales and improve relationships with prospects.

This plan lets you register up to 5,000 leads, present with TeamLink, However receive organic marketing notifications, among other benefits.

Business Marketing and Sales

This plan is for organizations with a consolidated customer base and sales volume. However lets you manage up to 10,000 leads, create presentations with TeamLink Extend, receive sponsored marketing notifications, and set complete access data and information.

Advanced Search Marketing and Sales

However, is the primary function. LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s advanced search helps sales reps find relevant leads and contacts more accurately.

  • keywords
  • Geographic location (by region or state)
  • job title
  • Company Name
  • size of the company
  • Business type (e.g., public, private, non-profit)
  • group membership
  • university
  • years of experience
  • Industry
  • employment opportunities
  • number of subscribers

With these filters, it’s much easier and faster to find relevant and valuable connections to work on to close deals.

Marketing and Sales disadvantages

Several disadvantages can arise from marketing and sales efforts. Some of the common ones are:
Cost: Marketing and sales efforts can be costly, and not all businesses have the resources to invest in them. Advertising, promotions, and other marketing initiatives can require a significant financial investment that may not always lead to a positive return on investment.
Competition: Marketing and sales efforts can also be affected by intense competition. In crowded markets, standing out and differentiating oneself from other businesses can be difficult. This can lead to a price war or a race to the bottom in pricing, negatively impacting profitability.

Marketing and Sales disadvantages
Consumer distrust: Some consumers may be sceptical of marketing and sales efforts, especially those that use aggressive or manipulative tactics. This can lead to a loss of trust and credibility for the business, which can be challenging to regain.
Sales cycle: Sales cycles can be long and complex, requiring multiple touchpoints and interactions with potential customers. This can be time-consuming and expensive for businesses, especially when dealing with high-value or complex products or services.
Legal and regulatory issues: Marketing and sales efforts are subject to various legal and regulatory requirements, which can be complex and time-consuming to navigate. Businesses must ensure that their marketing and sales efforts comply with all relevant laws and regulations or risk facing legal and financial consequences.
Limited reach: Even with the best marketing and sales efforts, businesses may find it difficult to reach all of their target audience. This can be due to geographic location, language barriers, or cultural differences.


At the end of this reading, you will surely ask yourself the question: Is it worth using Linkedin Sales Navigator? The answer, without a doubt, is yes. Your business model is B2B, and it is an excellent tool for obtaining qualified leads thanks to its fine segmentation.

Plus, it lets you access real-time information and link your CRM to platform data. Linkedin Sales Navigator will allow you to track your proposals and know the exact time when it is best to contact the user

This tool paves the way to reach the real decision-makers and present them with a value proposition.

For all these details, however, recommend that you take advantage of all the advantages of this powerful Linkedin platform for the growth of your business.