If your business model is B2B, Linkedin Sales Navigator is the perfect tool for you. With this premium version, you can simplify finding, contacting, and updating leads, customers, and testimonials.

However, sales Navigator offers a combination of search services and custom algorithms to reach the right users. Thanks to this platform, your marketing sales teams can interact with contacts efficiently and organize.

moreover, discover how LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help your business find prospects and effectively manage your communication channels.

Linkedin Sales Navigator: The Ultimate Solution for Marketing and Sales

However, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a paid Linkedin tool that allows you to find leads faster, improve sales statistics and optimize campaigns on this social network.

The advanced search function allows you to find people and companies that match your business goal. Through various tactics, you can improve conversions and build better business relationships.

One of Sales Navigator’s differentiators is the level of segmentation it offers. However, you can save lists of potential customers and receive notifications when there are matches.

Here are approximate of the standout features that Sales Navigator offers:

  • Lead Builder: Thanks to its advanced search criteria, you can use various filters to reach the right people and companies. Its filters are keywords, location, zip code, full name, position, function, the company you work for, groups, tags, etc.
  • Personalized recommendation: Linkedin will recommend new contacts to you based on the searches you have performed.
  • InMails: All accounts have a certain number of emails per month to send to your list of customers and interested users. marketing sales

Linkedin Sales Navigator: Types of Plans

There are three different types of LinkedIn Sales Navigator recruitment plans. Check out each feature below to see which one best fits your business needs.

Professional Marketing and Sales

This is the most basic plan, and it is intended for professionals who want to expand their client base and close more deals. With this plan, you can register up to 1,500 leads and send 20 InMail messages per month.

Team marketing sales

This is the standard version designed specifically for sales teams who already have a CRM and want to use the information to increase sales and improve relationships with prospects.

This plan lets you register up to 5,000 leads, present with TeamLink, and receive organic marketing notifications, among other benefits. marketing sales


This plan is for organizations with a consolidated customer base and sales volume. It lets you manage up to 10,000 leads, create presentations with TeamLink Extend, receive sponsored marketing notifications, and set complete access data and information.

Benefits of Linkedin Sales Navigator

Linkedin Sales Navigator offers many premium features and sales resources that can give your business multiple benefits.

Read on to learn the key benefits of this LinkedIn tool.

Advanced Search

  • Keywords
  • Geographic location (by region or state)
  • Job title
  • Company name
  • Size of the company
  • Company type (e.g., public, private, non-profit)
  • group membership
  • College
  • Years of experience
  • Industry
  • Job opportunities
  • Number of followers

With these filters, it’s much easier and faster to find relevant and valuable connections to work on to close deals.


At the end of this reading, you will surely ask yourself the question: Is it worth using Linkedin Sales Navigator? However, the answer is undoubted yes. If your business model is B2B, its fine segmentation makes it an excellent tool to get qualified leads.

It also allows you to access real-time information and link your CRM to platform data. Linkedin Sales Navigator allows you to track your offers and know when the best time to contact the user is.

This tool paves the way to reach the real decision-makers and present them with a value proposition.

Moreover all these reasons, we powerfully encourage you to take full advantage of this powerful Linkedin platform to grow your business.

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