Stationery has now become more focused on aesthetics rather than the element of necessity for younger people. These generations have been raised in the digital era, and are quite comfortable with smartphones, laptops, and other devices. However, they are also focused on aesthetics and standing out. So, the stationery industry also incorporates these elements to be popular with these audiences and sell well.

As a stationery business, you need to keep these things in mind and also stay abreast with current trends and tools. Make sure you’re using the latest tools like PosterMyWall to maximize your marketing potential and make appealing designs. To really be successful with younger audiences, here are a few marketing tips.

Create custom product videos

Videography is the perfect medium for marketing in today’s era. With the rise of short-form video platforms like TikTok, you need to stay with the times. A series of business video shoots will serve you well for this purpose. PosterMyWall has a number of professional video templates you just have to customize.

Use these templates to make custom product videos, and share them across your platforms. Younger people have grown up with short-form video platforms, so they will respond well to this medium. Highlight your new product lines, upcoming products, seasonal stationery sales, themed stationery collections and more with these product videos.

Use visually engaging marketing methods

As stated above, the younger generations are very responsive to visual elements. Therefore, you need to focus more on imagery than words in your marketing efforts. Of course, you need the appropriate amount of text, but purely text-based posts won’t cut it.

In addition, shoddy work will immediately be rejected. So, you need to have a clear cut design strategy, with attractive visuals prepared at all times. With PosterMyWall, you can get such designs without having to splurge on very expensive design resources and software. So, opt for user-friendly solutions.

Incorporate influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has become an essential part of the process for most industries these days. This is especially true for products like stationery, where younger people will see what others are using, with reviews and recommendations taken in consideration.

So, do your research and see which influencers are talking about stationery. These can include stationery collectors, artists, or any influencer who covers related products. Set aside a budget and set goals for the influencers you approach as well. In addition, utilize their follower bases by offering influencer referral codes. This way, you’ll be reaching out to a whole new audience you wouldn’t have come across before.

Create a brand identity

These days, generic branding is just not enough. A defined brand identity is important, especially for aesthetic products like stationery. Newer audiences want a sense of personality from the brands they patronize.

Therefore, you should focus on this element. Create an interesting story behind your brand and try to add a face to it. This can be the founder of the brand, or you can even make a mascot. This gives you a lot of room to create collateral and even custom products your audience will be interested in.

Strategize social media posts

This may be obvious, but the right social media strategy is a key aspect if you want to target younger audiences. You can’t just put up a few posts on Facebook and Instagram and call it a day. Look at what social media platforms are in vogue, and then allocate your resources accordingly.

These days, TikTok and Instagram are quite popular. On the other hand, younger people are not on Facebook anymore. So, focus more on the aforementioned platforms and see what’s trending there. Keep an eye on algorithm changes, trends, and popular influencers to really maximize what you get out of your social media posting. However, one thing you must do is post regularly and be responsive to comments and messages.

Do adequate audience research

This is something you should be doing at all levels, not just for younger audiences. Use tools like Google Analytics to figure out what sort of content works best for your target audience. Also do adequate keyword research and make your landing pages and blogs accordingly.

Make personas for each of your audiences, and see what works for each persona. This will really help put you in your viewers’ shoes, and improve your marketing efforts immensely. The right tools are out there, even for small business marketing. Many tools offer affordable subscription models or are outright free to use, so look around, and you can find numerous options.

In conclusion, there are a number of marketing strategies that can help your stationery business take off and be popular with younger audiences. You just need to put the right amount of research in and pick the right tools for you.