lars seagren the ez street Global Technology Company Leader successfully builds high-performance executive teams and leads sophisticated private equity or VC-owned technology organizations. Has worked for companies serving Transportation Administration Software, EdTech, Fintech, Wireless, Telecommunications, Offshore, Defense & Security, and Marine Research industry verticals.

A strategic visionary with a clear sense of purpose and urgency when faced with diverse challenges during significant change. Substantial change management experience both from scenarios with rapid growth and dramatic turnarounds. I am skilled at establishing excellence within culturally diverse environments and translating conceptual models into specific sales growth, market share expansion, and profitability growth.

About lars seagren the ez street

About lars seagren the ez street

Fulton Hogan & EZ Street EZ Street was founded in Miami, Florida, in 1995 by brothers Lars and Dag Seagren. They identified that maintenance on state roads was extremely inefficient with the accessibility problems of hot mix and the performance problems of cold mix. They decided that by applying permanent properties to cold asphalt, State road departments could often eliminate the laying of temporary hard patches and subsequent costly follow-up reinstatement with hot asphalt.

And so began EZ Street. Twelve years on and with State departments using this industry-changing blend, EZ Street took the journey down under. Now used by Councils from the far Northern Aboriginal shires of Queensland, Main Roads, the Road Traffic Authority and VIC Roads of the east coast, right the way over to a massive chunk of WA councils and back up to the Northern Territory, EZ Street has left its permanent imprint all over this great southern land.

lars seagren the ez street company’s LinkedIn profile

  • Extensive experience with enterprise software solutions as well as hardware design and production.
  • Ph.D. in Fiber Optics – the Technical University of Denmark, Sponsored by Tellabs and TDC (1995)
  • Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering – Technical University of Denmark (DTU) (1992)
  • Specialties: Profitable Growth Management
  • Change Management – Turnarounds or Rapid Growth
  • Global Sales Management
  • Technology and Product Line Management
  • Private equity or VC-owned businesses

Interview with Ez Street’s Founder and CEO, Lars Seagren | Linkedin

A recently minted high school graduate who is “ruffling the feathers of the system” with his approach to the world.

I’ve turned down college acceptances and partial scholarships to pursue a life of constant learning, with my start beginning in the trades. From a young age, I learned to value hard work. Now, I put that appreciation into action every day by starting at the bottom.

The EZ Street Company exploded onto the building materials scene in 1995 by introducing EZ Street Cold Asphalt.

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  • Construction
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  • 11-50 employees
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  • Self-Owned

Lars Seagren and the EZ Street Company: Software Solutions for Small Businesses

Seagren Construction LLC specializes in hotel renovation and maintenance in the Denver Metro Area. We serve as general contractors to take on construction projects of any scope. Our services range from small maintenance projects to new construction sites. Our in-house millwork shop allows us to offer custom mill working to our clients. At Seagren, we work to complete any service necessary to expand, maintain, or update properties.

Our motto, “Improving today’s hospitality for tomorrow,” drives our work, focusing on long-lasting, quality construction and working with talented subcontractors to meet client expectations.

As we continue to grow, we always want to add project managers and contractors to our team. At Seagren, we look for employees with a strong work ethic and specialized skills. If you are looking for a demanding but rewarding construction career, join the Seagren team!

Lars Seagren: An Overview

About half of EZ Street Asphalt, Miami staff was in the Ozarks on Oct. 25, volunteering at a training event for rural law enforcement officers. Vice President of Sales Tom Francione declared, “I’m in the zone. Our company culture excites me daily.”

For a global company known as a market leader in premium cold asphalt, this is not a typical day at EZ Street’s home office. The Missouri family farm belongs to EZ Street’s founders. They’ve developed this free day of Servant Leadership training for local first responders who require continuing training credits—and want something more.


It’s also paying off for the bottom line. Francione shared: “How do we define the bottom line? Making more money, selling more tons, volume, happy employees, excited customers, great character, positive energy? If you put all that into perspective, Servant Leadership impacts all of those. It gives us all a stake in the bottom line and working toward that common good. If we focus on being a group of all leaders and our culture of excellence, the bottom line will feel it as well.”