Private browsing, also known as incognito mode, is a privacy feature introduced in 2008. Apple’s Safari browser was the primary web browser to include this feature, and later almost all web browsers adopted it.

When you browse incognito, the browser initiates a temporary browsing session inaccessible from the main browsing session and user data. If you use a private browsing window, your browsing history and local session-related data such as cookies, history, location, and browsing data are deleted when the window is closed.

This private browsing mode aims to prevent privacy breaches by clearing the history and cookies associated with a single browsing session.

What is Google Chrome Incognito Mode?

More specifically, Incognito mode in Google Chrome’s private way in which Google Chrome does not store your browsing history, cookies, and browsing data.

It lets you surf the web without compromising your security and hides you from data-hungry publishers who steal cookies and browsing history to show you relevant notifications. income an assumed or false identity!

How Does Incognito Manner Work?

Google Incognito Mode or InPrivate Browsing in Net Explorer opens a separate incognito window for searching or browsing in incognito mode. The Incognito tab is designed to self-destruct all collected information once you close the web browser.

When you usually browse, your browser collects your browsing information such as history, saved cookies, search strings, downloaded data information, and cache to reduce page load time.

Have you ever wondered if you get a lot of ads from searched phones on every page you open when you search for a phone? This is because Google collects your search, identity, and browsing history and offers you the same list of articles you were interested in.

Google Incognito mode helps you browse without becoming public, and your browser does not save your exploration history and cookies. Incognito mode means your identity doesn’t become private, and the browser doesn’t track your browsing behaviour.

How to Turn ON Incognito Mode?

  1. Starting Google Private Browsing or Google Incognito mode is just a click away!
  2. Step 1. Open your web browser (Google Chrome).
  3. Step 2. Click the three vertical spots on the top right corner to open “More options.”
  4. Step 3. From the drop-down list, click the New Incognito Window option.

A new Google Incognito window will open with Google Incognito mode, and it will have an icon in the top right corner.

You can also use a console shortcut to turn it on. All you have to do is open the Google Chrome browser and press (Ctrl + Shift + N) to open an incognito window on your Windows, Linux, or Chrome operating system.

How to Turn Off Incognito Mode?

You don’t have to do anything to disable it. Just close the incognito tab you have open for incognito search. Closing the account will erase all history, cookies, and browsing data you used in the incognito window.

Private Browsing in Other Web Browsers

Similar to Google Incognito mode, other web browsers also offer private browsing.

Microsoft Edge – Open the Microsoft Edge browser and click on the three dots in the upper right corner. Click on “New InPrivate Window” or press the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + P).

Internet Explorer – To launch an incognito window in Internet Explorer, you can either use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + P) or click the gear icon in the top right corner, click ‘Security’ and click ‘InPrivate Browsing’- Option.

Firefox Browser – Open Firefox and click on the three bars in the upper right corner. Click “New Private Window” or press the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + P) to start private browsing.

Opera browser – Open the Opera browser and click on the Opera icon in the top left corner. Click the New Private Window option or press the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + N).

Safari Browser – Mac users can open the Safari browser, click the File menu, and select New Private Window. Those using Safari on a Windows computer can open the Safari browser, click the gear icon in the top right angle, and click on the “Private Browsing…” option.

Wrapping Up

We covered what is and how Incognito Mode works in this round-up. They also explored how to turn on incognito mode in different web browsers and smartly quit searching.

We also examined how to enable Incognito mode on Android and Mac devices. Google Incognito mode is a security feature, but it’s not entirely reliable.

We also showed how to have peace of mind when navigating with the incognito window. Keep practising this security feature and share it with your friends who need it the most. Share your experiences in the comments section.

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