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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality alters natural environments or provides users with additional information visually. The main advantage of AR is that it can combine digital and three-dimensional (3D) elements with an individual’s perception of the real world. As a result, AR has a variety of applications, from decision-making to assisting in entertainment.

AR presents visuals, sound, and other sensory information to the user through a device such as a smartphone or glasses. This information is superimposed on the device to create an interwoven experience where digital information alters the user’s real-world perception. Overlapping information can be added to the environment or obscure part of the natural environment.

Thomas Caudell, a research employee at Boeing Computer Services, coined the term increased reality in 1990 to describe how the head-mounted shows electricians use when assembling complex electrical harnesses.

One of the first commercial applications of increased reality technology was the yellow first down marker that began looking in televised football games in 1998. Popular consumer AR products. But the skill is also used in many other industries, including healthcare, public safety, oil and gas, tourism, and marketing.

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