Windows 11 launched, and all the Windows fans were demise to get their fingers on it. But wait ! Before you get that splendid fantastic ultra-modern Windows 11 for your device, permit us to help you understand everything you have to realize before upgrading to Windows 11.

We examined all the fundamental reasons which cause Windows 11 up-gradation failure and have provided to you the most critical factors which customers want to preserve in thoughts earlier than upgrading to Windows 11.

Most importantly, check your modern-day tool for an actual Windows 10 model 2004 or later license earlier than proceeding to improve to Gaps 11.

Things To Do Before Upgrading To Windows eleven

1. Check Compatibility

To begin with the technique of upgrading to Windows eleven from Windows 10, the first difficulty to check is the minimum device necessities. Because with every model of Windows, the system requirement changes and in case you are the use of an old laptop that does not have the minimum system requirements then to upgrade to Windows 11, you essential to buy a today’s pc.

If you’ve got these days bought a laptop, then you could test the minimum necessities to upgrade to Windows 11 from Microsoft’s decent internet website online.


To check whether your pc allows the minimum requirement or no longer, you need to download and install Microsoft’s PC Health Check App.

Once the app is hook up, click on Check now.

Upgrade home windows eleven

After this, you may get the stop result, an excellent way to say This PC need to manual Secure Boot and TPM 2. Zero needs to be supported and enabled in this PC.

System requirement

2. Check TMB is enabled or now not

TPM is a chip that shops touchy security facts on the computer. It is hooked up on the motherboard, and to check if your machine has a TPM chip, open the Run window with the aid of the usage of clicking Windows key + R. Now type tpm. MSC.

If your computer does no longer have TPM, then you’ll get a message like this, and you may deploy TPM on the motherboard:-

update windows

If your laptop has TPM, but it’s miles disabled, then you need to observe the procedure:-

Settings> Update & Security> Recovery

Then beneath Advanced startup, click Restart now


Then navigate to Troubleshhot> Progressive Options> UEFI Firmware ASettings> Pick up> Boot and change TPM 2. Zero to enabled.

3. Enable Secure Boot

  • Secure Boot
  • Secure Boot is a safety function in addition handiest the trusted running machine.
  • To permit it, please navigate to:-
  • Settings> Update & Security> Recovery
  • Under Advanced startup, click on Resume today
  • Troubleshoot> Advanced Options>UEFI Firmware Settings> Pick up> Boot

Here exchange the Secure Boot repute to enabled.

Note: The computer won’t Boot after allowing protection function at the laptop with BIOS. To resolve this, adapt MBR to GBT and transfer BIOS to UEFI.

4. Backup records

Take the backup of the laptop, so you do now not bypass over any critical data even as upgrading to Windows 11. The exceptional manner of taking the computer’s backup is to transfer the statistics to outdoor electricity or use a cloud provider for the holdup.

Once the OS is promoting to Windows 11, switch all the statistics to the new version.

5. Optimize Storage

Generally, computers have 1 TB disk planetary or at the least 500 GB, and that region is not in reality used. But if you have use all of the disk areas and you’re making plans to improve to Windows eleven, then make sure you have been given a minimum of sixty-four GB of loose vicinity because of the reality that is the minimum required disk place to install and run Windows eleven.

To clean up a few vicinities for your computer, you can pick the subsequent options:-

Use disk smoothly and delete temporary and non-crucial files from the number one portion. Go to Start menu Search bar> Delete short files

  • short files
  • Local disk
  • From here, remove temporary files and files you accept as accurate with your studied suitable to delete.
  • Delete files

6. Stable Internet Connection

A bad internet connection can be a prime cause for the Windows 11 OS improvement failure due to the truth it is a software enhance from the Microsoft server. Therefore, it’s miles quite encourage to use a strong Wi-Fi connection and not cell statistics or a public Wi-Fi, wherein chances are more of a connection failure.

7. Microsoft Explanation Credentials

After advancement to Windows 11, you will be require to join your Microsoft account. Users normally sync their facts with skype and e-mail payments, after which they overlook the password.

Therefore, it’s far extraordinarily encouraging to keep in mind the Microsoft account password. If you do not recall the password, then first reset the password, then upgrade to Windows.

8. Plug-In Charger

A maximum commonplace hassle that typically customers fail to conform with is to plug within the charger to the laptop though upgrading to Windows eleven. If your computer’s battery is drain, charge it to finish and then preserve the charger plugge in until the upgrading system is complete. Else you’ll fail to improve to Windows eleven if the battery is worn-out.


Users are upgrading to Windows 11 after Windows 10; however, they fail to enhance Windows 11 due to minor mistakes. This blog mentioned some crucial points to hold in mind while upgrading to Windows

These factors will help you enhance Windows eleven effortlessly, and you cannot face any matters after upgrading the OS if you obey the one’s recommendations.

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