WordPress web design trends get to know the latest design news to have your x ready. Although the impact of the pandemic on WordPress web design may seem clichéd, this is inevitable when this big event dominates the trend. Therefore, we will effect in 2021, but it will also mark the rest of the decade.

It is interesting how the extension of 5G networks is used in web design because its new speed brings more advanced features. On the other hand, the limitations of this type of network can generate a digital gap, where a large part of the population will not be able to use them.

Every year, the way a web page is displayed changes to attract the target audience’s attention and improve SEO positioning. The web design trend in 2021 is the natural evolution of recent trends. Which have improved and given rise to new, fully customized graphic resources.

If you want to know the latest design trends and user experience and improve your website, check out the WordPress web design trends.

The Latest WordPress Web Design Trends Are:

WordPress Web Design Trends

Minimalist Navigation

In its most comprehensive range, Minimalism tends to rationalize and deprive a space of redundant elements; In this case, a web design trend is to make it as simple as possible.

Web design should be linear in format, with simple graphic design, clear display, and well-designed colours. The primary purpose of this trend is not to clutter the page with unnecessary elements.

The less they contain, the better. In this way, users can focus on the site’s important content.

Bright and Intense Colours

The current trend in web design is bright and robust tones, which visually enhance information and create compelling creative combinations. Black is here to stay this year. Black usually gives an elegant and classic impression. Blacks will become extraordinary protagonists and also colours that give the Web a great personality.

Designs Focused On Society And The Environment.

In recent years, social and ecological issues have become increasingly important. This fact is increasingly helping companies establish more direct contact with customers and connect with them more profound. Compared to a few years ago, the topic that has the most significant impact on web design today is the topic of promoting sustainable development or social commitment. Prominently placed images, videos, photos or mockups are trending when used to showcase a company’s involvement in a cause.


The way users interact with the website is also one of the web design trends that has persisted over time. They are all those small actions that occur when the user interacts with any element of the web design. It makes the Web more striking and attractive, causing users who browse to stay longer on the page.

The Mobile Design

It will become one of the web design trends. As it is one of the most used devices by users, it is essential to consider mobile website design before starting website development. It is important that users feel comfortable browsing the Web and avoid scrolling too much to get their information.


In developing web design, it is necessary to use non-static elements and adjust them according to the users who interact with them. Some of these elements can be buttons that change according to the user’s specific characteristics. The way to distinguish new users from frequent users, etc. Animation provides valuable information and enriches the user experience on the website. From animated text boxes to animated logos, these elements are sure to grab the attention of your visitors. Although it is not something new in web design, it will continue to be one of the trends in web design. The old gif files replace with animations in CCS, SVG or Javascript codes,

The Power Of Sources

The style of the font is an essential element in the design trend. By using an asymmetric design in the letters of the web page, you can highlight the titles, messages and CTAs that interest users. Sanserif is a widely accepted font in graphic design, so it will continue to be used in web design trends. It is straightforward, without any modifications, and well suited to processing large blocks of text.

The use of large fonts is a trend in WordPress web design, so the natural evolution has also brought a new resource, which will become a trend in web design. This resource is designed to influence users directly. Through compelling phrases to define the company on the main page of the Web, and in which typography is the main element.

Load Speed

Facts have shown that 55% of users who entered a website with a load of more than 3 seconds decided to leave the site. At this time, no design, colour or text can change your mind. On the other hand, web pages with higher loading speeds tend to be easier to locate in digital marketing because they attract users and search engines.

Sticky Elements

Sticky or “sticky” elements are one of the most used trends in WordPress web design trends in 2021. It is about configuring any feature (buttons, images, forms, menus, etc.) by positioning when the user browses the Web and reaches a certain point. In other words, the element remains glued or fixed to a specific end on the screen.


The use of menus continues and will continue to be a design trend. The easier the user journey on the web page, the higher the acceptance. It will be necessary to organize the entire menu of the website well to reduce the number of clicks that users need to access the content. Thus causing a simple, elegant and highly usable image for the user.