Sometimes it isn’t easy to find the right words to describe precisely what you want to search on the internet. The visual search makes your work easier: you have to upload an image to find what you are looking for. approve of this trend

As a CEO and e-commerce director, you must understand the importance of optimizing every part that runs on your website. The goal is for them to be part of the strategy you have put in place for the success of your business.

Today you will learn all the secrets of visual search and why you must use this tool to manage your content. So if you were wondering:

  • What is visual search?
  • What advantages does a website bring you?
  • How can it be implemented successfully?

In this article, we clarify these and other doubts that arise so that once you accept this way of working, they count. . Dark! Approve of this trend

visual search

What is a visual search on Google?

Visual search on Google – or visual search – is, in short, searching online by uploading a photo that shows what you are trying to find. Approve of this trend

Widely used in articles and industries such as fashion, technology, decoration, and gastronomy, the current preference extends to all businesses. Instead of writing the description of an image, it is enough to upload it to search engines, and other related ones will appear.

While it’s still a long way from replacing text, netizens have received it very well. V search is revolutionizing the digital world, and it not only offers users new alternatives but also opens new communication channels between humans and software systems.

Visual search and AI

Visual searches are based on algorithms supported by artificial intelligence (AI). These train computers to distinguish the different elements that make up an image.

Searching for images is nothing new. The technology and mechanisms are operating at the interface level are changing, of course, and towards increasing specificity. Let’s see how he does it_

  • In the traditional search or by keywords (keywords), the user only needs to write what he wants, and the search engine will show him related images.
  • On the other hand, when searching backwards, the user already has to enter an image, and the search engine returns a series of related ideas.
  • Another possibility is the detailed search, in which the computer identifies the various objects in a photo and offers them as a result.

We invite you to watch the video by Ligdimar González, Artificial Intelligence Consultant at LearnIA, which will immerse you famous the world of visual search.

Why should you optimize your site for visual search?

You’re wondering: why should I optimize my images for visual search? And the answer is as simple as the fact that more and more platforms and search engines rely on ideas that are 100% rendered, i.e., optimized for their specific needs.

Among the best-known image search engines, one can name:

  • Google Images and Google Lens: Widely used by users as it allows searching by loading images from laptop files or placing the link to another idea.
  • Pinterest Lens – It’s as simple as uploading a picture from your smartphone’s camera, and Pinterest will recommend similar images to you.
  • Bing Visual Search – In addition to providing related images This search engine also allows the user to tag a specific product in the image
  • Asos Visual Search: This search engine is one of the best online store apps. As with Pinterest, the app for Android or IOS, depending on the case, allows you to conduct searches by pointing to the smartphone’s camera at the moment.
  • eBay: this search engine also has an application that allows searches of images hosted on the platform or other social networks, in addition to those stored in the files of the smartphone or laptop.

Consider this: In September 2021, as part of the Search On event. Google announced a series of updates to its Google Lens platform that will be available in the coming months.

Most striking is the ability to mix text, audio, and video with images for searching.

How to optimize your website for visual search?

Optimizing your website for visual search requires a prior process of selecting and uploading high-quality images, considering specific sizes, dimensions, aspect ratios, and resolutions. And all this with the most profound possible weight.

In this way, two things are achieved:

  • Optimization ensures good positions in Google indexing;
  • a website with optimal loading times (which is no small feat considering that website loading time is an important aspect of SEO).
  • So let’s see how to perform an image optimization process with a focus on visual search.

Use Images In JPEG and PNG Format

Your visual search will be preferred when using formats compatible with your website and easy to use.

PNG and JPEG formats are the most common and recommended. Both allow information to be compressed without losing quality and are ideal for digital photographs.

Check Resolution Approve Of This Trend

The photos on the website essential are of good resolution. This is so that the user can view them correctly. Understand the meaning of the image and the elements that make it up, and finally. They do not lose interest in it.

Imagine you’re surfing the web and coming across an image that’s dark, blurry. Or with text so small you can’t read it… No doubt you won’t stop at that image and keep looking to other places. This happens when you don’t ensure the resolution quality of the photos.

Recommended resolutions for product images on the web are between 1024px and 1600px. Either horizontal for square or horizontal images; or vertical for verticals. For center banners, the recommendation ranges from 1024px to 1920px.

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Add Photos To Your Sitemap

Having and constantly adding photos to your sitemap is a must as it increases the chances of search engines crawling and displaying your images. What’s the point? To increase traffic to your website!

The more users visit your platform, the more likely they will convert. Remember, not only can you add images that you already have.

It’s always a good idea to make innovative and contemporary images that tie into brand values. Such as reflecting essential events for the community.

Optimize Image Weight

Optimizing the weight of the images you upload to your website is a fundamental step. In practice, this allows for fast loading of the site in general and the image in particular.

This, in turn, means that the operator does not have to wait to see what information the website eventually brings. I think people don’t have time to wait for a picture. So if loading slows down the process, they leave the site!

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Visual search

Visual search is a type of search engine technology that allows users to search for items or products by using an image instead of text. It uses computer vision and machine learning algorithms to analyze and understand the contents of an image, and then returns search results that are visually similar or related to the original image.

Visual search can be used in a variety of applications, such as online shopping, social media, and search engines. For example, in online shopping, a user can take a picture of an item they want to buy, and the visual search engine will return results of similar products from various online retailers.

Visual search technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, thanks to improvements in image recognition and machine learning algorithms. Companies such as Google, Pinterest, and Amazon have all developed visual search capabilities for their platforms, allowing users to search for products, images, and other content using images rather than text.

Visual search has several advantages over traditional text-based search. It allows users to find exactly what they are looking for more quickly and easily, without having to spend time searching through text-based results. It can also be more intuitive and natural, as users can simply take a picture of an item rather than trying to describe it in words.

Overall, visual search is a powerful technology with numerous potential applications, and is likely to become increasingly important in the years to come.

Conclusions Approve Of This Trend

In summary, a visual search is a tool that allows you to perform any online search simply by uploading an image to search engines. In a simple, fast and supportive way, it is positioned as one of the users’ favourite tools.

This achievement of artificial intelligence is very beneficial for your e-commerce. Not only because it improves the user experience but also because it increases the chances of more and better conversions.

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