A startup is a human organization with a great capacity for change, which develops products or services of great innovation, highly desired or require by the market, where its design and marketing are entirely customer-oriented. This structure usually operates with minimal costs, but obtains profits that grow exponentially, maintains continuous and open communication with customers, and is oriented towards mass sales.

As we want you to be informed of everything that happens in the world of entrepreneurs, today we will talk about the importance of this new type of business.

We will explain to you what a startup is, but we are also going to illustrate to you the 13 characteristics that, in our opinion. They must meet to say with complete certainty that from the project discovery phase, they are on the right path of use and management of a startup.

Startup Definition

This term, currently used consistently in the business world, is related to startups with a strong relationship with technology.

These are businesses with innovative ideas that stand out in the market supported by new technologies.

A Startup is a human organization with a great capacity for change, which develops products or services of great innovation, highly desire or require by the market. Where its design and marketing are entirely customer-orient. This structure usually operates with minimal costs, but obtains profits that grow exponentially. Maintains continuous and open communication with customers, and is orient towards mass sales.

Why are Startups Important?

What is a Startup?

Each startup is back by an online business idea that seeks to simplify complicate processes and jobs to provide the market with a simplified and easy user experience.

They are generally businesses that want to innovate, develop technologies and design web processes. And mainly form alliances with venture capital companies that decide to bet on startups.

Not everyone should or has the opportunity to work in large companies, and that is the degree of importance that a startup has.

Characteristics Of Startups

Although they are companies with different objectives, each of them shares at least 13 key characteristics that give it the character of a startup; Important considerations for improving team performance related to goal setting and goal achievement.

Below we share the following infographic, whose main objective is that you know how to distinguish what a startup is and what its characteristics are as business.

In addition, we believe that this infographic resolves some of the most common doubts when managing the results of your venture.

How to know when a startup ceases to be?

A startup can no longer fit this profile by meeting the following requirements:

  • Your business works a full day daily.
  • The staff that makes up your business works 8.5 hours/day.
  • Most of the main ideas that your company brings together are strongly related to thoughts or actions used by the competition.
  • Founders already have titles like CEOs, so they no longer share the same space as workers.
  • The CEOs can be absent from the business without any problem. Since the workers have established roles and are in charge of completing the work promptly.

Now yes, look around you and reflect if the company you are working for can be classified as a startup.

Remember that in 2022 the world of startups continues to grow unstoppably. So there will surely be more and more that we will see in the coming years.

If you have a startup or work in one, share the work experiences you have had to witness with us.

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Do You Have More Doubts About The Importance Of Startups?

Is there a characteristic that defines all startups?

There are 13! We put them in the infographic of the text. Still, in general, we could say that a startup offers innovative services or products. It is govern by respect and meritocracy and always seeks to maximize its budget.

Is It True That Startups Move The Economy?

Yes. Generally, technological advances and the development of products and services are made by startups. That is why they are so profitable. It is what moves the world!

Are A Startup And Entrepreneurship The Same?

Not necessarily. A venture can be a new project on top of a traditional business model. A startup is always a new product, service and business model

Differences Between Company And Startup

Exponential growth: a startup is characterize by being a scalable business and growing much faster. And more efficiently than traditional small or medium-sized companies.


Although any company intends to deliver a product or service, startups are born to solve a significant problem or pain in society effectively and creatively.

Business Model

this is a fundamental difference because while a traditional company uses business models that are already known and have proven to work. Startups seek to create new ones, which causes many to fail and not make it through the first years of life.


startups work with greater agility in decision-making and the execution of operations.

Scope of Development

Startups generally belong to the area of ​​technology or at least use it to deliver their solutions.


The invention of new technologies and business models has allowed anyone to make their dreams come true through startups. A startup is a term in English use to define companies that are still young or newly create and have excellent growth potential.