A 3D printer is a device capable of printing in three dimensions. We are use to printing on matte paper with the usual printers. But with this 3D printer, our objects will have volume, which can give a lot of play.

3D printers appeared long before they became famous for home use so we could see 3D printers in the mid-80s. As something exceptional today, they are commercial and take up relatively little space that has been domesticating. And we can buy one to print our objects at home.

The 3D printer can work with different materials. Although the most common is to find those that inject polymers such as PLA or ABS. In this case, this material is melt. Building delicate layers deposite on top of each other until the desire object is made. This method needs an excellent calibration to obtain a better quality. There is also printers base on photosensitive resins that offer better quality but in return. The objects that can be create are smaller in size. In this case, the resin is photosensitive, and through ultraviolet light, it solidifies the layers which are deposite one on high of the other until the final model is built. There are different common types, such as agglomerating ink or laser to compact the already solidified powder.

To create these 3D objects, it is necessary to provide the printer with a CAD-type file with the thing’s design to print it. In addition to connecting it to your PC to print, they generally have a screen and a USB and SD card reader where you can insert these files so that the printer can work autonomously, we select the model, and the printing will start. Unfortunately, they are not as fast as a laser printer, and it can take some hours to print a small object. It will depend on the quality and volume of what you want to print.

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What is a 3D Printer for?

The 3D printer is use to print objects with volume and material according to the use that we will give. With a 3D printer, we can manufacture things that can be use for everyday use or even replace or improve others. They usually sell some 3D printer kits to make them yourself in which to finish it will be necessary to print some pieces with this printer itself, still unfinished. Objects can be of any type limite to a maximum size, but designers also invent ways to break them into pieces and make larger objects with subsequent assembly.

These printers are widespread in the medical field; thanks to technological advances, personal prostheses can be print at low cost and almost immediate. Using a 3D scanner or designing the model precisely, we can print the type of prosthesis necessary for each patient. It is even possible to print custom-made corsets that are much less cumbersome than those commonly seen.

In engineering or R&D, a 3D printer can provide you with the previous models to work with. In this way, you can have a prototype beforehand that you can make and print yourself to correct it later in case of failure. You can also print some necessary pieces to continue with the project even adapt them to your needs.

With a 3D printer, we can print our figures or collectables or invent all kinds of supports or gadgets to improve our day-to-day life. You have to let your imagination fly, design the object to be create in a program, and wait a few hours to be ready. Once finished, we can treat it to obtain a better result; you can even paint it to make it look better.

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