Wearable Technology or Wearable Technology means “technology to wear.” The idea is that these devices offer us many advantages while being comfortable, unlike smartphones or tablets.

We are in the middle of a wearable technology revolution. From smartwatches to hearing aids and smart glasses to fitness trackers, there is a wearable device to suit each essential.

Wearable tech keeps developing new devices that aim to simplify your daily activities. Wearable electronics are not extensive, just smartwatches and fitness trackers that measure your heart rate. The latest wearable technologies go as far as providing users with health advice, giving improved turn-by-turn instructions, and detecting the intensity of ultraviolet rays while sunbathing.

Seven videos of wearable technology

Wearables do not weigh and are more comfortable to carry. Faced with this unstoppable trend, the new generation of wearable technology is the natural bridge for fully implementing the IoT (Internet of Things) and its benefits.

A selection of different wearables such as SmartWatches (Samsung Gear S, LG G Watch, Apple Watch), SmartGlasses (Epson Moverio BT-200, Vuzix or Google Glass, Mad Gaze), fitness or health bands (Fit Bit, Jawbone or Gear Fit), SmartRings as NFC ring…

Take a look at these videos with seven wearables of 2016

  1. Pilot, the most advanced portable translator to date. Translate languages in real-time. A microphone picks up the interlocutor’s words, and the system sends these words to an application on the mobile phone; the application sends a translation to the headset, which can be heard.
  2. SuperSuite, of course, this next Christmas game won’t quickly go unnoticed. It is the first game developed using wearable technology. Perfect aesthetic design, futuristic control technology. It is a gaming platform that gives you access to many games that take place in the real world. Get ready to put on the super suit. It’s time to live your game!
  3. Gest, this device fits in your hand to give the computer and mouse commands through its nine sensors. Gestures and movements travel in the form of data.
  4. Ampy, capture the energy you generate from different activities while exercising on your mobile device. «For your cell phone, your movement is your complement.»

Update: The makers of this application ran a crowdfunding campaign to fund themselves, but unfortunately. However, the utility page is no longer operational. If there weren’t entrepreneurs trying, many of the devices we use today wouldn’t exist—all our support to them.

  1. Dokie, GPS tracking bracelet, smartwatch for kids, a built-in camera for video calls. Now parents can see their kids anytime, anywhere.
  2. Mad Gaze, the X5 glasses, is wearable, everyday gadget technology. X5 runs on the Android operating system and utilizes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.
  3. It is ready to connect to calls of any procedure or request. Image capture, video playback, or visual functions are programmers to be operate by voice without using your hands.

Discover all Wearables Trends, Technologies & Startups

Discover all Wearables Trends, Technologies & Startups

Circuit miniaturization, high-performance batteries, high-speed connectivity, and sensor-integration drive innovations in wearables. These advanced technologies enable the development of intelligent clothing, AR eyewear, fitness trackers, and more. Additionally, there is a growing interest in using wearables for medical and therapeutic purposes like monitoring posture, body temperature, and vital signs.

The Wearable Trends & Startups drew in this statement only scratches the surface of trends we knew during our data-driven innovation & startup scouting process. The artificial intelligence of things (AIoT), biosensors, and flexible circuits will transform the sector as we know it today. Identifying new opportunities & developing technologies to implement into your business goes a long way in ahead a competitive benefit. Get in touch to easily & exhaustively scout startups, technologies & trends that matter to you.

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