An underwater camera is your perfect companion to capture photos and videos of your underwater experiences. Of course, there are high-quality results that ordinary cameras cannot achieve, at least without failing. To maintain this image quality.

It is crucial to consider essential aspects of each camera, such as B. the depth resistance, the achievable image quality, or the additional options it contains. Among the currently best underwater cameras, the GoPro HERO9 stands out.

It is a renewed classic capable of recording videos in 5K format, streaming in HD format, and with excellent resistance, both for conventional use and when necessary to avoid water damage.

We also highlight the Easypix Aquapix W1024-I model with 10 megapixels, a 4x zoom, a water depth of 3 meters, and a light and compact size and construction.

Best Underwater Cameras – Opinions 2022

Photos and videos are all that’s left after a beach or pool vacation. Still, the fear of carrying a camera is felt when you think about being near water, which is why today there are dive cameras that can take photos and videos underwater without problems.

Then you will find the list where you can see and choose the underwater camera with the best value for money on the bazaar according to the opinion of the consumers who use it.

GoPro HERO9 Black Underwater Action Camera

GoPro action cameras are always a good choice when it comes to finding the best underwater camera on the market. In this case, we have opted for one of the brand’s latest proposals, such as the GoPro HERO9 Black model.

This camera features a high-quality image capture system capable of capturing 5K quality images or even live streaming them in Full HD resolution smoothly and efficiently—a process that includes a wide-angle lens that captures more impressions than other models.

As if that wasn’t enough to become the best underwater camera, this model has two touchscreens, one at the back and ace at the front. Great for seeing your focus on where you need it and conveniently controlling the entire streaming or recording process.

If you’re one of those people who prefer to go with a leading brand, we tell you all you essential to know about this GoPro.


  • Quality: The new 23.6-megapixel lens can record 5K video and take high-level photos.
  • Screens: The two included screens make it easy to see everything clearly when using the camera.
  • Size: Its size remains compact, and its weight is light. So it’s easy to take it with you wherever the action is.
  • Battery: The new battery increases autonomy by 30% compared to the previous model of this camera.
  • Smooth: New stabilization technology makes adjusting the camera relative to the horizon for better results.

Easypix Aquapix W1024 Digital Compact Camera

Unlike previous devices, the Easypix Aquapix W1024-I has a 10MP lens and can be submerged to a depth of just 3 meters, which becomes a bit limiting.

However, as one of the best cheap underwater cameras. It lives up to the public’s expectations as it has a 2.4-inch screen that allows you to see what you are capturing or recording instantly.

It also includes a landscape mode and a macro mode. So you can play around with the camera’s colour scheme and what you want to capture. It is compact, stylish, efficient, and economical, so it is popular among users.


  • Dimensions: It has sizes of 10 x 10 x 7 cm and weighs only 100 grams. So it is light and makes it easy to transport from one place to another. Being able to income it with you anywhere you go and anywhere since It can be flooded up to a maximum of 3 meters.
  • Resolution: Although it is a 10-megapixel digital camera. It can reach up to 16 interpolated megapixels as maximum resolution underwater so that the image quality will be good.
  • Functions: This model has various parts that give it a special and unique touch. Among which is the “landscape” or “macro” function,
  • Connectivity: It is elementary to attach to your computer or laptop. Thus enjoying your images and even sharing them with your friends.

Apexcam M90 Pro 4K 20MP EIS WiFi Sports Camera

The sports camera Apexcam M90 Pro has a resolution of 20 MP and can take pictures and videos in 4K at 30 fps.

It also allows recording images in EIS 4 and 2.7K format at 30 fps and 1080P at 30 and 60 fps. Offering very sharp, vivid, and realistic image quality.

The camera features an upgraded and reinforced waterproof housing with IP68. Protection certification that can withstand submersion up to 40 meters. At the same time, it is protect against dust, bumps, and falls.

The lens consists of 7-layer glass lenses with up to 170 wide angles and an aperture of F1.8. With wide-angle and auto adjustment functions. In addition, the camera has a “Fisheye” correction system that prevents images from being distorted by the effects of water.

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