Overview and History

Technorozen is a website by name Technorozen.com, and it refers to the realm of digital technology, encompassing everything from the internet, digital communication, virtual reality, digital media, online commerce, and more. It’s the interconnected space where digital information is created, transmitted, and consumed.

It took shape on 3rd Sept 2022. The domain age of this website is one year, five months, and 16 days old as of 20th Feb 2024. The website has competitors  in terms of keyword traffic, audience targeting, and market overlap

Technorozen Traffic and Ranking – How to Check?


Use online tools and services such as Alexa Rank, SimilarWeb, SEMrush, or Google Analytics to check the traffic and rankings. These tools provide insights into website traffic, audience demographics, keyword rankings, and other relevant data points that can help you understand a website’s performance and ranking within its niche.

Technorozen.com boasts a global rank of 43,171, with a significant audience base in India, where it holds the 3,306th position. Its global ranking has grown over the last three months, reflecting its growing influence. Total Visits: A staggering 948.6K visits in recent times. Bounce Rate: Impressively low at 13.64%. Pages per Visit: Users explore an average of 6.48 pages per session. The average Visit Duration is approximately 3 minutes and 47 seconds. This traffic and ranking report is as of Feb 2024.

Technorozen.com’s traffic has dropped by 89.12% month-on-month compared to current organic search traffic.

Top 5 Competitors of Technorozen

Technorozen.com’s top 5 competitors in January 2024 are hblinks.pro, kmhd.net, cryptokinews.com, hubdrive.me, and more.

According to Similarweb data of monthly visits, technorozen.com’s top competitor in January 2024 is hblinks.pro, with 8.4M visits. technorozen.com’s 2nd most similar site is kmhd.net, with 6.2M visits in January 2024, and closing off the top 3 is cryptokinews.com with 1.6M.

hubdrive.me ranks as the 4th most similar website to technorozen.com and vgmlinks.fun ranks fifth in the queue. hubdrive.me and vgmlinks.fun received 4.1M visits and 148.5K in January 2024, respectively.


The inclusion of tech news, insights, and analysis on a website like technorozen.com could serve several purposes:

News: Providing news related to the website’s niche or industry keeps visitors informed about the latest developments, trends, and events. It helps to establish the website as a reliable source of up-to-date information and encourages repeat visits from users seeking timely updates.

Insights: insights into topics relevant to the website’s audience demonstrate expertise and thought leadership. Insights can include analysis, commentary, and opinion pieces that provide valuable perspectives on industry trends, innovations, and challenges.

Analysis and Rankings: Analysis refers to examining, interpreting, and evaluating information to gain insights, draw conclusions, and make informed decisions. Publishing rankings of products, services, companies, or other entities within the website’s focus can help users make informed decisions. Rankings provide comparative information for users to evaluate options and identify top performers in specific categories.

Overall, incorporating news, insights, and rankings enhances the website’s value proposition, attracts and retains visitors, and strengthens its position as a trusted resource within its niche.