What is a Personality Database?

Ever. Worst typography website. It has assholes for half of the users. On Personality Cafe, I’ve encountered more kind and knowledgeable people. People who use the Personality Database have no idea what Typology is, especially Socionics. I go to Personality Cafe when I need assistance with Socionics because the staff members there are much more knowledgeable about the subject.

Surprisingly, I have never seen someone on Personality Database who somewhat understood socionics.

The worst typology website I’ve ever visited. It’s complete with trolls and newbies. Many of the users on this website enjoy picking fights with you without provocation. Additionally, the website will behave in a very passive-aggressive manner, seeming as though YOU are the issue. View: troll And a number of them seem to have mental illnesses.

They will advise you to remove your account, quit the website, and visit elsewhere because the website users are such elitist bastards. Additionally, they are shitstirrers who will argue with you to argue. Don’t even bother talking to the shitheads on this website; in my opinion, they will only use you as a source of income.

The Administrator is also incredibly ignorant and inept. As long as his website has a lot of traffic, he doesn’t seem to care what is posted there. Talk about a miserable neighborhood.

Said, Personality Database is complete with geeks and trolls. The webpage, in my opinion, is quite amateurish. Never before has the Internet been so awful.

Character Database

a location where only newbies congregate to discuss typology and psychology. The staff there is idiotic and terrible at typing individuals. They are a group of isolated arrogant pseudo-intellectual nerds who have no life of their own and don’t know anything, not even the location of their asses on the earth. They are all confined to a computer. Many high-strung, elitist tools in the community take themselves and the website too seriously, like battling with others and attempting to knock others down to bolster their own egos and social standing. It is a highly political neighborhood.

Additionally, the community has a solid and illogical prejudice and inferiority complex toward those with INTJ personality types. Because they are resentful of and scared by INTJs, they essentially label everyone who identifies as one as a “pseudo-intellectual” there. Anyone who doesn’t “fit in” with their own illogical beliefs and typings is allegedly an “INTJ self-inserter,” according to them. Stupid, huh? You may anticipate harassment if you identify as an INTJ or an ESTJ on this website from other users for essentially no reason. This is because the community despises INTJs and ESTJs and is inaccurately influenced by the prejudiced INFP and INTP majority. This is the type of person you will find on this website.

More about Personality Database

The individuals there ultimately reveal themselves as ignorant, foolish, lonely, insecure, unimportant, lifeless, delusional little dumb-dumbs that they actually are.

Most people on Personality Database are a bunch of high school or college students who are desperate, lonely, and unlived pseudo-intellectual geeks who don’t receive hugs from their parents. You shouldn’t take them seriously.

However, suppose you want to laugh at the nonsense that that useless INFP and INTP faux intellectual no-life nerds like to vomit on there. In that case, it occasionally makes an excellent unintended comedy website.

The website is just good for making fun of all the naive tiny people using computers or smartphones and watching them quarrel with one another over ridiculous things.

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Types of Personality. This collection was tweeted, but I’ll also post it here. This has been trending on Twitter for at least a week, with people commenting on the characters, persons, and personalities who fit their Myers-Briggs type because it’s fascinating to see aspects of oneself in another person (particularly when you understand that there’s a reason some characters are so simple to write).

Being an INFJ makes me every kindhearted person, profound thinker, cryptic oracle, wise mentor, and fumbling genius. Oh, and God.

Personality database,

It was enjoyable. Visit The Personality Database to check your own >>… And if your discoveries have pleased or perplexed you, please share in the comments! ::twinkle::

The fact that Iron Man and Deadpool are ENTPs startled me. I discovered my Myers-Briggs type in management training roughly 10 years ago. The training addressed how to get along with personnel with varied tastes. Another course used Myers Briggs types to teach how to manage high-performance teams. For managers, this is a beneficial tool.

Objective Personality Database

Ryan W. and Jana L. recently launched their Objective Personality Database on Airtable. The database contains all known celebrities typed by Objective Personality (Dave and Shannon Powers) and consenting community members who have agreed to allow their types to be included. The data from this database is the source for most of the Objective Personality data in our Subjective Personality Database.

Airtable Database

Ryan gives an introduction to the database in the video below. Explaining how to use Airtable’s filter features and which views you might wish to use.

Intro to OP Database

You can view the database on Airtable at the link below or by using the easier-to-remember redirect I created, db.subjectivepersonality.com.

View Airtable Database

Tip for mobile users: if you use Chrome on mobile, you can use the desktop version of the site by clicking the three dots and switching to desktop mode. The database seems to run much better for me this way, even if it is still a bit awkward to use. You must turn this off when visiting other sites to return to your regular mobile experience. Alternativity, check out our mobile-friendly version of the database below.

If the Objective Personality team has typed you, you can request to be added to the database via their Google form.

Go to Form

Ryan and Jana suggest contacting them via their Facebook thread if you have queries or issues using the Airtable database. To do that, you must sign up for the Unofficial Objective Personality Group.

Subjective Personality Database

The Subjective Personality Database uses data from the Objective Personality Airtable Database and combines it with additional data from Enneagrammer, World Socionics Society, and other YouTube-type reveals. This database is in a mobile-friendly web app and allows for simple type searches like ISTP, Oe, Di, and BPS,  rather than using a bunch of dropdown filters or views. This is designed to make it easy to use for quick searches, but more advanced ones might still require a bit of learning. Check it out!

Subjective Personality Database

If you use Android, consider adding a link to the Subjective Personality Database to your home screen. This will allow you to quickly pull up and search for types at a moment’s notice. Never be stuck wondering if Ryan Gosling is playing last again! Learn more here.

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