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What are Mini PCs?

Mini PCs are just that: stripped-down versions of desktop computers. They come in different sizes and offer unique advantages and some disadvantages.

Mini PCs are small, boxy devices full of ports that don’t come with peripherals like a monitor, keyboard, or trackpad. Therefore, they may be ideal for people who already have these items on hand.

Due to their small size, compared to some smartphones stacked on each other, mini PCs can have fairly limited performance (not always the case), although they allow users to do the most important tasks like checking email. Therefore, it is important to consider what jobs you will use a mini PC for when choosing a full-size or miniature PC.

In case you’re wondering, obscure companies don’t make these compact desktop alternatives. Many well-known computer manufacturers sell them. They also offer the guarantees and support you get when buying one of their full-size laptops or desktops.

Use cases for mini PCs

Despite their smaller form factor, mini PCs are very useful. Those with lower specs can be used to check your email or social media for minimal online gaming or streaming entertainment. Fans can edit images and videos and play more intense games. Working from home allows you to improve performance and easily run work-specific software, including video conferencing applications.

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