Apple Music Replay

You can find out what songs, artists, and genres your Apple Music subscribers listened to the most in a given year with the help of the Apple Music Replay Experience.

However, Apple has improved the Replay user interface and introduced new capabilities, such as a “Personalized Highlight Reel,” in a recent statement.

When you start the Apple Music app on your mobile device, check for a banner labelled Apple Music Replay” in the “Just Launched” area. You can get going after you click.

How to find your Apple Music Replay

How to find your Apple Music Replay

As Spotify fans get ready for Wrapped, there is (technically) an option you can utilise if you’re an Apple Music customer experiencing FOMO.

You will have to pull Apple Music out of my cold, dead hands since I am a dedicated subscriber. However, I’ve been immensely envious of the sea of Spotify rewinds that has filled my friends’ social media pages over the previous few Decembers.

Yes, Apple has always provided tools for viewing your most-played music across certain periods. But until this year, it hadn’t offered anything quite as thorough or intriguing as what Spotify offers.

Apple Music ‘Replay 2023’ Playlist Now Available

Apple Music 'Replay 2023' Playlist Now Available

Today marks the launch of the “Replay 2023” playlist for Apple Music users. This playlist, much like in years past, lists all of the songs you’ve been listening to on Apple Music in order from 1 to 100 and updates every week so you can keep track of your most streamed songs as 2023 goes on.

Replay 2023

Every Sunday, “Replay 2023” will refresh with the most recent playlist of your favourite songs on Apple Music. You’ll have a playlist with a complete list of your top 100 Apple Music songs stored by the end of December.

The playlist will appear at the bottom of the Listen Now tab in Apple Songs on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS once you’ve listened to enough music to create it. The data monitoring function on Apple Music for the web also includes information for the most streamed artists and albums and play counts and listening hours in greater detail.

Apple Music Replay 2023

Apple Music Replay 2023

Apple Music Replay is a compilation of your previous year’s top artists, songs and genres. After learning your listening habits in the past year, it creates a personalised playlist. This playlist is unique to you. You’ll get to see your top 100 tracks of the year.

This feature will soon be available for everyone with an Apple Music subscription. Apple hasn’t limited their streaming service to iPhones; since Apple Music is a cross-platform app. You can download and use Apple Music on Android and Windows too.

To calculate your top songs, playlists, and genres, Apple Music uses your listening history, the number of times you played an album, an artist, or a song, and the amount of time you spent listening to each.

How to access your Apple Music Replay playlist for 2023

How to access your Apple Music Replay playlist for 2023

Apple Music also offers a year-end wrap-up option, so it’s not only Spotify. To receive your Apple Music Replay playlist right now, follow these steps.

Spotify offers a special tool called Spotify Wrapped that displays your favourite musicians, songs, and musical categories over the last year. Fans of Apple Music don’t have to lose out on this popular feature that is widely publicised on social media at the end of the year. The 2023 Replay playlist is already accessible.

Although less comprehensive than Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music Replay provides intriguing statistics and specialised playlists. Statistics include the number of hours spent listening to music over the year, the number of musicians, and the top artists, along with the total number of hours spent listening to each.

If a user has already added Replay playlists to their library, the 2023 playlist should already be shown at the bottom of their “Listen Now” tab. However, the Replay website might provide you with much more information.

What is Apple Music Replay 2022, and how to find your personalised playlist

What is Apple Music Replay 2022, and how to find your personalised playlist

At the end of every year, Apple lets its Music app subscribers check how many hours of songs they have listened to and gives insights into their top songs, artists and genres with the Apple Music Experience.

But according to a recent announcement by Apple, it has redesigned the Replay experience user interface and added new features, including what Apple calls ‘Personalised Highlight Reel’.

If you want the Apple Music Replay experience, just open Apple Music on your phone and scroll down until you find a banner by the same name in the ‘Just Launched’ section. Tap on ‘Get Started’, and you are good to go.


It cannot be stressed enough that listening to more songs and using the Apple Music app more is extremely important for the Replay feature to work. The only way for AI to understand you is to get more data from you.

You’ll have to listen to songs primarily on Apple Music to get more data and make your Replay the most comprehensive and unique. This is to ensure you’ll get a good and detailed overview of your listening habits in 2022.

Apple Music Replay is a great feature for learning more about your listening habits. Since it tells you your priorities, you will find your favourite songs and a list of artists you like. The Replay album is also going to be a thrilling nostalgia ride.