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How to Boost your Startup with this App

Telegram for Business is a new business tool that allows you to segment, manage groups and share large files with your customers and prospects.

Despite being a messaging app similar to WhatsApp, it has different features and more features. Its developers consider it a fusion between messaging and email, and it’s gaining more and more followers around the world.

In the article below, you will study using this powerful application for your business or business and enjoy multiple benefits.

What is Telegram for Business?

The Telegram application for business is developed in open source and has special tools for communicating with prospects and customers.

It has advanced streaming capabilities and technology support for bots and other artificial intelligence applications.

Because it’s open-source, any developer can add functionality to the application. In addition, it is possible to integrate it with customer service platforms and generate bots to interact with users.

It is available for all mobile platforms (IOS, Android) and operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Differences between Telegram and WhatsApp Business

Find out below the main differences between Telegram and WhatsApp Business and why the former can be an excellent option for communicating with your customers and implementing marketing strategies.

Open Source Telegram

As mentioned earlier, Telegram is an open-source API. This means that, like with WordPress, any developer can create additional features and tools for the app.

This possibility opens up an endless choice of updates and services to be added over time.

Capacity and Data Encryption

With Telegram, you can share unlimited files in different formats regardless of their size. A file can weigh up to 1.5 GB without causing any inconvenience in the platform’s operation.

The app’s encryption and data infrastructure enable secure, fast, and confidential conversations. Messages are encrypted end-to-end for protection.

With Telegram, it is unnecessary to share your phone number to connect with users: it is enough to create an alias to identify yourself.

Group Management

Without a doubt, the Telegram groups are the strong point of the application since they work very well for marketing actions. It has an excellent tool to manage them and very effective distribution and segmentation mechanisms.

The application allows you to create groups of up to 200,000 users. Für den Orden und die Funktion in den großen Gruppen, jetzt die Empfehlungen zur Nutzung der automatischen Antworten, der Erwähnungen und der Hashtags.

At this point, we can say that Telegram works like a social network: you can create public groups that users can join and thus get feedback to optimize your strategies constantly.


Although WhatsApp has always claimed that its system is entirely secure, some events have recently put the application in question.

Telegram’s security is comprehensive, and as we said, the app uses end-to-end encryption for messages.

Telegram requires a PIN code to access conversations and also allows you to create temporary messages and secret chats. On the other hand, it saves users from providing their phone numbers.

Telegram: How to Boost your Startup?

Because of its fantastic versatility, a Telegram is a valuable tool for businesses and businesses. The app can be used for various marketing purposes:

  • Customer service.
  • Internal communication.
  • External communication, customer acquisition, and follow-up.

Read on to find out the finest steps you can take to boost your startup with Telegram.

Public Channel Creation

Public channels allow messages to be broadcast to large audiences. They have unlimited members, and only admins can send messages and view user profiles of the medium. The rest of the users only know the member’s phone number or an alias.

Telegram channels are perfect for safely and efficiently sharing all kinds of information: news about your business, promotions, offers, content from your blog or social networks.

If users have questions or want to contact us to learn more about products or services, they can privately. This allows you to reach users directly and interact with them more personalized way; Thus, the app becomes an excellent ally for capturing new leads.

Use of chatbots

Chatbots are non-human Telegram users that perform actions automatically. You can use two types of bots in the app:

Autonomous bot. It opens in a standalone chat window where the user can make requests. For example, Netflix has a bot that streams short-term movies and series.

However. It is invoked from other windows (individually or grouped) using the @nomebot command. An example is the Gif bot, which offers animated GIFs from the Giphy portal that match the word you type.

Customer service

Like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, Telegram for Business allows you to have constant interaction with your customers, especially when you combine it with a bot.

We are in an era where immediacy and full availability are mandated, and Telegram holds a prominent place for these requests.

The younger generations prefer to communicate in writing than by telephone, and a telegram is an excellent tool for offering 24/7 answers.

Replacement of Email Marketing Telegram

Telegram channels can replace email marketing. When you send a specific message, you can see how many members have seen it, so you know the true impact of your messages. However addition, you don’t run the risk of your messages ending up in a spam folder.

conduct surveys Telegram

Telegram also allows you to conduct polls on channels or groups and see the response rates. The ability to reach your target spectators where they establish their communication is key to getting instant information about what you want.

The platform’s interface offers various ways of conducting surveys, and all of them are easy and intuitive to conduct.


Moreover, we want to insist on a fundamental question of success in any social network: whatever actions you take, they must be part of a strategy and an organized content plan that focuses on your target audience.

Telegram continues to grow by jumps and bounds, However, believe it will soon become one of the most popular conversational marketing channels. The tools in this app enable you to reach customers and prospects in a digital environment primed for honest person-to-person conversations.

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