Divorce mediation in Milwaukee: A quick look – Just because you are ending your marriage doesn’t mean you have to fight a long legal battle. If you are filing for divorce in Milwaukee or anywhere in Wisconsin, you always have the option of mediation. Mediation is another way to get divorced where you don’t leave the control of your fate to the court. Both you and your spouse will actively collaborate and resolve issues, which offers many benefits. You would certainly want one of the top Milwaukee divorce lawyers to deal with the process. In this post, we discuss mediation in more detail.

Benefits of Mediation

Each divorce is different, and what may have worked for another couple may not work for you. Through mediation, you and your spouse can come up with solutions for your circumstances. If you decide to go for litigation, a lot of it depends on the court. Mediation takes much less time and is more cost-effective than a lawsuit between parting spouses. A neutral mediator will work as the intermediary and guide the process, ensuring no bias. Also, the discussion will be constructive and avoid problems. Unlike judges, mediators don’t impose orders, which means you can still discuss issues like division of property and child custody with your spouse.

How Does Mediation Work?

The first step is to discuss with your spouse whether they want to go for mediation. Your lawyer can talk to their lawyer, and if both parties agree, you can move to the next step. Your lawyer will request a mediator through the court, and if you want, your lawyer will stay involved. You will contact the mediator with your spouse to discuss whether they are available and the overall price you must pay. The mediation session can happen virtually or in person, and you can plan in advance.

Preparing for the mediation process is critical. You have to gather financial documents, make parent plans, and create other provisions as relevant to your case. Make sure you have everything with you, including essential documents. The mediator will charge a fee, but compared to what you would spend on a lengthy legal battle, this is much less.

Should you get your Divorce Lawyer Involved?

The short answer is yes. You don’t want to make decisions that can impact your life adversely, and when lawyers participate, they facilitate conversation and ensure that the key issues are discussed with care.

Find a divorce lawyer now to discuss mediation in more detail.