Security Cameras or surveillance cameras are highly trusted as practical security measures. Everyone uses these security cameras to take care of their loved ones and as an added layer of security from large organizations to individuals.

However, you are wondering: Can wired security cameras be hacked? Can WiFi cameras be hacked? Are you sure?

Why did you need to spend a thousand dollars on your home surveillance system? Both questions are different and must be answered separately. Let’s see them in detail.

Can Wi-Fi Cameras be Hack?

Can Wi-Fi Cameras be Hack_

Just a simple and cheeky YES. Yes, a hacker can hack CCTV or other cameras installed in your home or elsewhere. To support my case, a group of hackers recently gained access to 150,000 surveillance cameras in large organizations, including hospitals.

Corporations, police departments, prisons, and schools, including the famous automaker Tesla. How they might do it is a bit complicated.

A hacker trying to gain access to Home Security WiFi cameras is a little different, and the hacker attempts to disrupt these devices‘ networks and easily hack these cameras.

Once they manage to jam the network and gain access to the surveillance cameras, they will soon access all other smart devices connected to the same network.

Can Wired Security Cameras be Hack?

YES, even wired cameras can be hack. Although this process varies greatly, it is not impossible to do so. There have been many instances of wired cameras being hack in the past.

How to Tell if your Camera is Hack?

Several indicators indicate if your security camera has been hack. We will list some of these indicators below to tell if you have been attacking. So let’s start:

How to Tell if your Camera is Hack_

  1. Strange Camera Noises: If you find that your camera is making strange noises from time to time, it has probably been hack.
  2. Erratic Trajectory: If your camera is one of those Swinging Ones, you can quickly tell if your camera has stood hacked by checking if it goes to the max or freezes at one point, or doesn’t complete its whole operation.
  3. Settings Change: If you found that your camera settings change automatically, it was most likely a hack.

So, these are the few signs that can easily mean that your camera has been hack. Let’s move on to the next piece and see what we can prevent these attacks.


  1. Don’t be easy: It all starts with network security. Take care of your WiFi security and use a more secure password. Using a stronger password can significantly reduce the likelihood of a threat.
  2. Use separate networks: If you have helpers and colleagues and need to share your WiFi password from time to time, it’s a good idea to use a different network for your WiFi and another for occasional tasks.
  3. Installing a VPN on your home network is crucial for protecting your security cameras, connected devices, and other devices.


NordVPN is one of the greatest cutting-edge and secure VPN service providers on the market today. It is equippe with security features that protect you from various threats.

  • It can help cover your IP address by routing your data through different servers to ensure anonymity and security.
  • NordVPN uses industry-leading 256-bit AES encryption to encrypt the data you send over the internet. Even if someone is available to drudge through the network, the stolen information is useless to the hacker.
  • The software offers a kill switch that automatically terminates all working internet connections as soon as a sudden VPN network failure is detect, minimizing the likelihood of data breaches.

So that’s all from us to “Can wired security cameras be hack, can Wi-Fi cameras be a hack, and can hacked cameras provide access to anything else?”. I hope you found the information helpful.