Bubble Shooters are the best games on the planet and have prominent followers that are incredibly loyal to the game. The game is incredibly easy, is loved by people of all ages, and is readily accepted by people in the best ways. It has a small installation file and does not take up much space on your device.

If you have not played a bubble shooter game yet, you must immediately try it from the play store or iOS, whichever device you have. They are free from bugs and incredibly handy when you want to kill time. When you want to download the game, you must browse through the many options available and get the best one, as some of the variants are still in the beta stage.

Let’s check out some of the best tricks you can use in your bubble shooter games that will help you to beat all the tough opponents on the internet.

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Bubble Shooter Strategies

Remove the Clusters at First

The clusters are the hanging bubbles that arrange themselves in random places in the playing area. You have to detach the bubbles at first, and then you will find that small clusters are forming at different sides, and then you will see that it is easy to pop them by shooting the bubbles you get at the right places.

This whole act is a creation and popping up of clusters of bubbles where you have to concentrate and create your opportunities. Don’t leave it up to luck as the game is in your hand, and at any point, you can make a breakthrough and create an opportunity that will let you amass a great high score and decimate your opponent.

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Clear Walls

One primary thing you must do is clear all the bubbles from the sides so that all bubbles gather in the middle. This area can then be exploited from all sides, and it is easy for you to finally pop the bubbles in the middle and use this opportunity. Do not think twice before popping the sides of the playing area and waiting for the perfect time. Every situation can be used as an advantage in a bubble shooter game, and you can undoubtedly win amazing prizes and entertain yourself while defeating the toughest of opponents.

Experiment with Colors

Experiment with all the colors you get as options and keep switching the colors at every chance. The game allows you to look at the next bubble to change between them as per your choice. Always clear the initial stage of the bubble area with whatever bubble you have so you can get to a stage where you can experiment with the color. Do not waste any shots; always try to hit the spot, as there is always space to squeeze any color bubble into the main area.

Play Bank Shots

Once you’re past the initial stage of the game, you should break into the middle of the swarm of bubbles so you can grab more combos and score better. You can only do this by playing bank shots that let you swerve your bubbles into the middle of the board where the main bubbles are.

Aim right or left, whichever suits your play, and get the bubbles deep in the maze to dazzle your opponent by quickly clearing the board with shots made in style.

Never Stack

Stacking is one of the habits that players commit to in most matches. It is one of the most basic and common mistakes that even pros cannot avoid in bubble shooter games. Stacking is when you pile bubbles on top of one another and make a huge mass without making any combos.

You are wasting this form of ammunition, and you should spread your shots across the board. The main problem is that this stacking creates a vertical bubble pillar that makes it impregnable and a rigid structure that makes your game get over faster than you want it to be. Avoid stacking as it is pretty addictive and breaks your focus on the game’s main goal with the desire of grabbing a huge combo at the end.

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Speed Up Your Game

There re two ways to play the bubble shooter game; you must put in your effort to be fast or patient. If you speed up your gameplay with proper logic, you can easily pass through all the hurdles and evolve your gameplay through many levels. All you have to do is notice where the bubbles are and shoot your shots like second nature.

Shooting Bubbles by only glancing at the play area should be a muscle memory you develop as you progress through the game past the early stages. Speed is where you will always counter your opponent if you lack strategy. The best thing about shifting your speed is that you can always correct past mistakes and quickly eradicate any obstacles.

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Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is a popular puzzle game that has been around since the late 1990s. The game is simple to understand, but can be challenging to master.

The objective of Bubble Shooter is to clear a board of colored bubbles by shooting bubbles at them with a bubble cannon. The player must match three or more bubbles of the same color to make them disappear. The game is won when all the bubbles have been cleared from the board.

The game is typically played on a grid, with the bubble cannon located at the bottom of the screen. The player must aim the cannon at the bubbles at the top of the screen and shoot bubbles to create matching groups of three or more. The game becomes more challenging as the player progresses through the levels, with new obstacles and challenges introduced.

Bubble Shooter has become a popular game on both desktop and mobile platforms, with many variations and spin-offs available. The game is enjoyed by players of all ages and skill levels, and is a great way to pass the time and exercise the brain.

Final Words

Bubble shooters are amazing games you can play on your cell phone every day. You can meet new people who will be your best rivals and help you evolve your game while giving you a tough challenge. Bubble Shooter has many benefits, and once you have learned the game, you will see your power of coordination and thinking improve drastically. Your concentration power in daily tasks also levels up fast, and with these tricks, you will surely ace through any tough match you come by in the game.