There are times after you need to hide apps on your iPhone. Maybe your not-so-small kid has picked up your Netflix binge, and now you want to change things up by hiding the Netflix app on your phone so that even if they hide your phone, they can’t find the app.

Or it could also be that app notifications are constantly distracting you while you work. Whatever the reason, we will discuss these ways to hide apps on iPhones in this blog.

Best Ways to Hide Apps on iPhone:

The primary intention of the steps mentioned below is to remove your apps from your home screen. You could consider them one of your lines of defence. Once you hide apps after your home screen, you can still find them in your app library, find the app via search, and you can also find the apps in settings.

Hide Apps on iPhone Using The App Collection

In this next step, we will move on your iPhone home screen to the app library. Don’t worry about data at any time, as all app data will remain intact.

Your selected app will now be moved to the App Library. As we advance, you’ll still be able to access the app library and move an app to the home screen.

Another thing to consider is that the app library is the ultimate destination where you can hide your apps, which means you have to delete the app and then reinstall it if you want to keep hiding the apps even from the app library.

Hide apps on iPhone from Smart Submissions

Siri, the iPhone’s digital assistant, is attractive intelligent. It takes note of your usage habits and suggests apps based on that.

But it can sometimes prove excessive, unnecessary, and if you suspect someone is interested in your apps, also quite intrusive. So, in this method, we will see how to hide apps from Smart Suggestions on iPhone.

Hide Apps on iPhone Using App Folders

I think it’s more of a tactical move. Because here, we resolve to fill the first pages of the folder with applications that we don’t want to hide. And then, we supply the last page with the apps we want to hide. Here’s what you can do

Take note of this

You can create up to 12 sheets in a binder. Do you know what this means? You can make 11 pages with apps you use sometimes or don’t want to skin, then comes the 12th sheet where you have hidden apps you don’t want others to snoop around.

Hide Apps On App Store Purchase History

Many of us turn on Family Sharing on our iPhones. That means everyone in your family group can see any apps you’ve purchased. Not good if there are apps you want to skin from your parents, spouse, or relatives. So what are you doing? You follow the steps mentioned below.

What Happens Once You Hide Apps On iPhone

If you got an idea while blogging that I might lose my app by hiding it, don’t worry! Your hidden app ends up in the app library, and you can even use Spotlight to find an app.

Wrapping Up

If you have any requests or submissions about hiding apps on iPhones, you can leave them in the comment section below. For more engaging tech-related content, read on Tweak Library.