The best gadgets to gift yourself are all lovers of devices, the best technology, and design. Each fulfils very diverse functions but aims to improve your work and have even more fun in your leisure time.

Technological gifts are one of the best options always to hit when undecided. It doesn’t matter if they are small details that make life easier or authentic gadgets gifts to make the most of. Technology offers us a wide range of options for all tastes. If you want also to surprise, discover which devices are causing a sensation this season. From the latest in tablets to the best choices in terms of smartphones, as well as smart speakers

Some Gadgets To Gift Yourself

What are The Best Gadgets to Gift Yourself?

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab

With a television included, a high-resolution camera, a Reader’s Hub to read your favourite titles and newspapers, WiFi and Bluetooth, this gadget with an incredible design and numerous beneficial applications comes to change the technology on mobile devices altogether.

2. Toshiba Libretto

If you are looking for the best in portable technology, this is a device that cannot be missing from your gift list. The Toshiba Libretto has a dual  Touch Screen display, allowing both to interact in various tasks. It emulates a physical computer keyboard, and you can also enjoy videos and movies.

3. Kindle

If you are a lover of reading and you want to have the best titles at your fingertips in just seconds, then the Kindle is the ideal option. You only need an Amazon account and WiFi connectivity, and you can immediately enjoy all the books, newspapers, and magazines you like the most.

4. MacBook Air

Apple always has the best solution when it comes to laptops, technology, and design. Extremely light in weight and ready to meet the needs of the Mac user, this computer has all the features needed to make it the perfect Christmas gift.

5. Xbox Kinect

There is no better option for this Christmas than the new Kinect for all gamers. This peculiar proposal from Microsoft revolutionizes excellent graphics, fun and the most innovative technology. The voice control, movement sensor and gestures are excellent and give this device more dynamism.

6. Flip Ultra HD Camera

Remember each of the moments of this Christmas, New Year and upcoming essential dates. There is nothing better than having an excellent quality camera within reach to capture them. The Flip Ultra HD can store up to 2 hours of video, it has a straightforward interface for all users, and with FlipShare software, you can edit and organize your videos.

7. BOSE Quiet Comfort Noise Canceling

Want to listen to your music and appreciate your videos with extraordinary sound and outside distraction? This gadget is designed exclusively for you. Its design is not light at all, but its components are excellent, and they are constantly improving the technology of these parts.

8. iPod Touch

One of the most expected releases by Apple is presented with new benefits, advantages and utilities for the user. The retina screen that surprises with its resolution, the incorporation of the video call, hundreds of applications, games and HD video recording, apart from the constant enjoyment that you can have from your music, makes the iPod Touch the best option to give a gift on this date.

9.- Data Traveler 5000

For those with the significant organization of all their files, this USB materializes the perfect gift. This device has stunning colours, resistance against water, a capacity between 2 and 16GB, a speed in its operation simply incredible and also five-year warranty

10. BOSE Sound Dock

Finally, for lovers of music and extraordinary, immersive sound, these BOSE speakers are the choice to compliment any party or gathering. Just plug in your iPod, select the song or playlist you want to listen to. And immediately enjoy the exclusive technology that only BOSE gives you.

11. Google Home and Alexa, your virtual butlers

Voice-guided assistants were one of the significant innovations of the past year. At least in the United States. The two giants that are leading this revolution have just arrived in Spain. Amazon Echo, the device marketed by Amazon, has sold more than 11 million units in the US alone and Google Home (a device has been sold every second since October 19. When the complete range was put on sale). Both offer the possibility of controlling any home automation system by speaking and serving other purposes such as finding and reading recipes or playing your favourite music.


It is time to equip yourself with the new technologies that come in the form of perfect gadgets to make your life easier. Devices that the editors of living have been selected especially for you in the magazine’s December issue. And today we bring you here so that you let yourself be conquered by the sophisticated and glamorous world of (techno) luxury.

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