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Artificial Intelligence

Bring artificial intelligence into a room, and people’s minds will wander to intelligent robots taking our jobs or lots of science fiction.

If we look at the Oxford dictionary meaning of artificial intelligence, we get this: “the study and development of computer systems capable of copying intelligent human behavior.”

For most of society, this income is very little, but if you work or are surrounded by technology, you have our definitions. Therefore, restricting the report that artificial intelligence is primarily based on computers mimicking human intellect does not give us a complete understanding of artificial intelligence.

What is the difference between AI types? What kind of AI is Siri? What is the change between machine learning and deep learning? At AI Time Journal, we believe that most of society should have a better understanding of artificial intelligence and how it is a part of our daily lives, and this article will address that.

In the world of technology and computing, artificial intelligence refers to human-like intelligence designed by a computer. It mentions the ability of a computer/machine to mimic the properties of the human brain by replicating its intelligence.

However, that still doesn’t give you a good understanding of what it does.

A brief history of Artificial Intelligence

Let’s take a look at the past of AI. In the mid-1950s, John McCarthy is considered the father of artificial intelligence for creating the AI ​​terminology. For him, his definition of AI is “the science and technology to make intelligent machines.” Some may know him for developing Lisp, a programming language used in robotics for various types of Internet services. In addition, he began employed on self-driving cars to create programs that better understand the human brain and mimic how humans brand decisions. Many of us use cloud computing services anywhere we can share data between people, which was another McCarthy innovation.

The development drive of artificial intelligence depends mainly on access to large amounts of available data and the development of technologies that allow better data processing and manipulation than humans. Artificial intelligence can do everything humans do, from indications to medical analysis.

Some other examples of AI today include Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, which help us create potential links to what we want to buy based on our current searches, detect spam emails, and also help detect fraud.

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