3 Tips For Successful Snapchat Marketing

When discussing social media marketing, the top platforms that come to mind are Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. These current networks enable advertisers to quickly expand their reach because they offer traditional elements of digital marketing, not to mention their vast user base composed of influencers and followers.

However, there’s an ‘old’ new player making its way in digital marketing: Snapchat. Back in 2016, the Millennials and the Gen Z demographics used Snapchat and were fond of the idea of disappearing messages and open communication. But advertisers avoided it due to a lack of knowledge of how to use it.

But times and trends have changed, and Snapchat has drastically changed over time, providing cutting-edge features to increase interaction by adding more media formats, filters, and ad formats that help you track Snapchat ads easily.

If you are searching for new advertising opportunities, Snapchat is the way to go. With its 319 million active Snapchat users, you can build a brand presence and compete against established names in your niche. But to do that, you’ll need to have a fundamental knowledge of how Snapchat functions to be a successful marketer on the platform—and we’re here to help you. 

You will find some tips in this article on how to use Snapchat’s features to grow your business. Read on for the insight.


Tips For Snapchat Marketing

  • Know Your Target Market

Before running anything on Snapchat or any platform, you must know your target market. By knowing who you want to target, who will watch, and most importantly, who will interact with you, you can make smart marketing decisions on Snapchat. 

Knowing and understanding your market allows you to plan and create content that will spark your audience’s attention and get a positive response.

The age range of Snapchat users is 13 to 34. Therefore, it’s a perfect platform for those whose target audience is millennials and Generation Z members. 

You can further target your advertising with its customer persona and Snap Pixel. The former is an advanced targeting function that enables you to construct your ad depending on the actions of your audience, and the latter monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of your ad. 

This tool will help you better understand your audience and create more realistic marketing designs. You can develop highly targeted campaigns and gain data-driven insights using both features. Knowing more about your potential customers will make it easier for you to convince them to buy from you.  

  • Create and Share Engaging Content

Your Snapchat content humanizes your brand and extends your brand’s reach. When you post many photographs or videos together in one post, make sure you have a beginning, middle, and end. 

Marketers can use Snapchat stories to increase engagement and conversion rates. You can even utilize some Snapchat features to create valuable content. Some features employed by top-performing brands include the following:

  • Geo Filters

With Snapchat Geofilters, you can add the location you’re currently at to your photo or video as an overlay. You can use them to promote local events or raise brand awareness because they only appear when people are nearby. Use it for advertising your store opening, advertising activities your company sponsors, or showcasing your products.

  • Snapchat Stories

Snapchat stories present a different perspective. In contrast to the polished videos and photographs you see on other networks, these are usually unpolished, informal, and playful. 

Interestingly, the rough-hewn style gives your post a genuine, at-ease aspect because it enhances the material’s appeal. It improves your company’s credibility and helps you win over a loyal customer base by fostering a certain level of transparency. 

In recent years, behind-the-scenes videos have become increasingly popular, and every company has used this approach at least once. Take advantage of the story function and let it spark interest from your audience. 

  • Snap Lens/Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality technology is now a thing in the Millennials and the Gen Z demographics. They are spreading its buzz to Generation X. Augmented reality (snap lens), one of Snapchat’s most intriguing features, gives brands new ways to reach their target audiences. 

Through the use of 3D animation and interactive features, you can enhance the user experience. Providing such a remarkable experience virtually motivates people to take action, turning your simple ad into viral content.

  • Tap Influencers

Tapping influencers is still a good marketing strategy, even for Snapchat. Make sure to get an influencer that can represent your brand perfectly. Someone who can be an ambassador for your brand can help promote your brand positively. 

With the Snapchat platform, influencers can get creative in how they can incorporate your brand or product into their posts. You can also benefit from the peculiar Snap Takeover culture, which lets influencers control brand profiles momentarily. 


Snapchat has its ups and downs but has made significant progress over the years and is returning to take its spot in the digital world. Using its wide range of capabilities, you can expand your reach and get precise results with every advertising strategy. 

Snapchat may be fighting its way against Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and other social media platforms; it is essential to keep in mind that Snapchat markets itself as a camera company that allows users to live in the moment. But it wouldn’t hurt to consider Snapchat while planning your marketing approach because, at the end of the day, Snapchat offers various features to help build your brand’s awareness on social media.

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