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video editing software

If you want to turn all of your videos into movies, video editing software is ideal. that footage gathering dust on your computer into a mini-movie masterpiece, but without spending a fortune. You can pay for one of the best overall video editing software packages, but a free version makes learning the basics easier.

Also, the best free video editing software is way more feature rich than you can imagine these days. Where they used to be severely limited compared to their paid cousins, most now offer advanced tools for everything from transitions to soundtracks to special effects.

However, not all free software is created equal. That’s why we’ve tested the best free video editing packages to help you decide which one is right for you. We’ve spent hours editing our footage and trying it for usability, so we’re confident these are the best alternatives available Continue reading to learn how to select the best editing software.

Top 3 Video Editors Overall in 2022

Investing in the right tools is worth it, especially if you’re making videos for commercial purposes. There are some cheap, paid options if you feel you’re ready to take the plunge into advanced video editing options. These are currently the three highest-paid video editors out there:

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Video Editing Software

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Video Editing Software

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