Chip chick technology is the production of crispy potato chips and has become a vast industry worldwide. Fresh potatoes are now use as raw material and various types of flour, vegetables, and fruits. Today, quite a few brands of chips sold in Russia, including domestic ones. The lines for the preparation of this product are install both in large potato processing companies and based in small industries. You can get involve in the production of chips at different stages and use various technologies; the amount of investment and the volume of output will depend on this.

After conducting a series of experiments, scientists found that when carbohydrates (the main component of foods such as cereals, potatoes, etc., and their processed products – flour, bran, flakes) are heated to a high temperature, a substance called acrylamide is formed. Acrylamide is a carcinogenic organic compound.

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Such as cereals, potatoes and their processed products, flour, bread, biscuits, crisps, chips, snacks, and breakfast cereals contain a certain amount of acrylamide, depending on the degree of processing of the product. It is advisable to avoid frying foods rich in carbohydrates for a long time and at high temperatures. Nevertheless, cooking these products in water or steam does not create an extreme acrylamide concentration and is safe for health. The type of oil used plays an essential role in the formation of acrylamide during the frying process

Assortment And Quality Of French Fries

Chip Chick Technology

They are made by frying thin, flat or wavy dishes form from potato dough, to which, in addition to potatoes, cereal flour, starch and salt also add. The taste of potato chips is practically lost in such chunks. Therefore, more aromatic compositions are often add to such chips against the background of monosodium glutamate – the world’s most famous and widely used flavour enhancer.

Air fries. The taste of these chips is very delicate. The presence of starch is almost not felt. Significantly fewer additives are require to flavour this crisp, and natural seasonings are typically use. In Europe, this type of chip is now prefer. Domestic manufacturers also pay attention to it. Thanks to the efforts of our Russian specialists, production technology and the necessary equipment for the production of safe air chips developed.

The Same Typical Delicacy As The Chips Familiar To Everyone

Due to their structure, they are thin, dry reddish slices with multicoloured skin on the edges. They have a natural, bright and light apple flavour. The advantages of apple chips include the content of vitamin C (up to 30% of the daily value), low-calorie content, lack of cholesterol, carcinogens and fatty acids (vegetable oil and other fats are not use in manufacturing).

Crisp is a ready-to-eat fried product made from fresh potatoes in the form of slices, strips and shreds. One kilogram of crispy potatoes is equivalent in calories to about 4 kg of new potatoes. Natural potato chips were first produced in the 19th century in the homeland of potatoes in America. The potatoes were wash, manually cut into slices and fried in vegetable oil. Making French fries was not significantly different from the usual frying of potatoes with the nutritional value per 100 g of chips.

The content of dry substances and its main component, starch, is of decisive importance for the potato processing industry, since it determines the yield of the finished products. For processing, it is preferable to use varieties with a dry matter content of at least 21.23%. In the manufacture of potato Chip Chick Technology and chips, the higher solids content reduces the absorption of oil or fat. The high starch content may be due to the floury consistency of frozen potato products, which is undesirable. The only difference was that the potatoes were slice thin and fried.

Technology And Equipment For The Production Of Potato Chips

Natural potato chips were first produced in the 19th century in the homeland of potatoes in America. The potatoes were wash, manually cut into slices and fried in vegetable oil. The process of making French fries was not significantly different from the usual frying of potatoes, with the only difference being that the potatoes were slice thin and fried.

With the development of breeding science and increased demand for this type of product. The production volume of chip products also increased. Economic viability required additional research and development of specialized equipment capable of meeting the growing needs of buyers. It was done, and the scheme for chip production began to look something like this: washing, peeling, inspection, starch washing, roasting, salting and packaging. Equipment was improve, demand increase, and the raw material base grew.


The reduction of sugars is essential in the production of potato Chip Chick Technology products. The higher the mass fraction of reducing sugars, the darker the colour of the finished products due to the melanoidin formation reaction. In the production of chips, their content in raw potatoes should not exceed, chips and dry table potatoes – Sucrose is not a reducing sugar, but it can begin to hydrolyze at room temperature.

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